League Of Legends Has Its Australian Playoffs Tonight

If you follow any game competitively at all, you'll be used to the idea of everything being broken into leagues or seasons. Our local Call of Duty scene brought theirs to an end the other weekend. And League of Legends is doing the same tonight — for the playoffs, at least.

It's the playoffs for the first split of the Oceanic Pro League, the closest we have in Australia to a professional League of Legends tournament. Tonight features just the semi-finals, two best-of-five matches with the four best teams in the country.

The semi-finals include Chiefs Esports Club and Legacy Esports, the winner and runners-up respectively from the last split of 2015. Dire Wolves, who finished 4th in that same split, has qualified for the semi-finals again, while Sin Gaming makes up the quartet.

As soon as this post goes live, you'll be able to watch the finals via the link above. A minimum of six matches will be played, although with two best-of-fives it's possible the action could run through to 11pm or close to midnight.

Watch live video from RiotGamesOceania on www.twitch.tv

The winners of the semi-finals will then face off in another best-of-five match on April 5, with $16,000 going to the winning team. Riot's organised screenings for the finals in HOYTS cinemas across Australia and New Zealand as well, although specifics haven't been announced just yet.


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