Marvel Declares April 6 To Be 'Poe Dameron Day'

Marvel Declares April 6th to Be 'Poe Dameron Day'

Marvel is really looking forward to its Poe Dameron comic. I mean, it's understandable — mainly because we're also incredibly excited for Marvel's new ongoing Star Wars series — but man, Marvel's going all out. As in, they're taking over an entire day to celebrate all things Poe. The launch of Marvel Comics' Star Wars series had its own launch party of sorts, with comic shops "celebrating" the first issue, which had approximately five gazillion variant covers. Still, it's a bit strange that Charles Soule and Phil Noto's new Poe Dameron series is getting a similar treatment. Maybe the allure of Oscar Isaac's handsome ace pilot has us all in a bit of a Poe stupor.

Marvel announced today aside from myriad variant covers for the series' first issue (nine so far!), they will also be working with comic book retailers to provide free goodies to fans who show up on April 6 to partake in Poe-based goodness, including pin badges featuring artwork of Poe and BB-8 and lithographic prints of some of the variant covers.

Marvel Declares April 6th to Be 'Poe Dameron Day'

Lets just hope the comic lives up to the hype.

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Poe Dameron #1 Jaxxon Variant Cover, by Nakayama


    I don't see how it possibly can now! I haven't read ovi Wan and anakin yet, read on here it wasn't great. Jason Aaron kills it on the main book ( and everything else really, I don't know how he does it ), they should give it to him haha I can dream

    If it features a whole lot of BB-8 antics then I'm onboard!

    Yeah, and tomorrow is All New Gimboid Day to celebrated gimboids, goits and smegheads everywhere.
    Aside from a select few titles (admittedly, mostly SW), I'd eschew the big two for independents any Wednesday of the month.

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