This Comic Shows The Bonding That Happens Right After The End Of The Last Jedi

Poe Dameron #26Illustration: Marvel Comics, art by Angel Unzueta

The new Star Wars trilogy takes a long time to get its heroic trio together. Finn, Rey, and Poe don't all end up in the same room together until the very last moments of The Last Jedi, and while that meeting is poignant, it's not nearly enough for passionate fans.

Do they hit it off? What do they chat about? Where's all the bonding?

Well, Marvel has you covered. In a preview released for Poe Dameron #26, courtesy of 13th Dimension, we all get a taste of the friendship that we've been waiting for.

In this snippet, courtesy of Charles Soule, Angel Unzueta, and Arif Prianto, Rey, Finn, and Poe do what we've been waiting for them to do for two movies now. They sit down and talk.

The comic, which also promises to reveal how exactly Poe got off Jakku, comes out next week. I'll share the first couple pages of the preview below, and you can click through to 13th Dimension for the rest.

From Poe Dameron #26Illustration: Marvel Comics, art by Angel Unzueta

From Poe Dameron #26Illustration: Marvel Comics, art by Angel Unzueta

[13th Dimension]


    "Hey you guys, you remember the time when you two did almost the worst thing you possibly could and helped destroy the Rebellion? Haha, good times...."

      That's what I don't get, are we the audience supposed to forget that simply because they are the good guys?

    Ugh, those faces are giving me nightmares.
    I mean they are recognisable as the people they depict, but the expressions and proportions are just off

    Last edited 17/04/18 1:07 am

    Lordy! Them theres some godawful facial expressions!

      Its like each part of the face was drawn separately and cut and pasted on at weird angles.

        Drawn separately and by different people on opposite sides of the room shouting descriptions @ each other. Or modelled off folks so dang ugly they work at Arnott's smashing their faces into the dough to make gorilla biscuits!

    If hand drawn real life faces can suffer from uncanny valley syndrome like with CGI. Then those pages are a good example.

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