Off Topic: Best Show On Netflix?

Okay — easy question, easy topic. What's your favourite show on Netflix?

If I had to choose, I'd probably say Mad Men. Cause that's up there with my favourite shows of all-time and Deadwood isn't on Netflix yet.

If I had to choose solely based on Netflix originals I'd probably say... um, maybe Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

(I don't really like House of Cards or either of the big Marvel shows.)

What are your favourite TV series on Netflix?


    Doctor Who. Having seasons worth just sitting there for me is very nice.
    A very close second is Archer. Inappropriateness at it's finest.

      Gone from Netflix now, and if it isn't gone *yet* it's disappearing. Amazon just got the distribution rights to it :\

        In America they did. Australia is a different kettle of fish.

        Thanks for the heads up on that, it's my fav on Netflix too, guess I will have to acquire them on DVD or "something"

        Still there right now on Aus Netflix though

        Which distribution rights did they get? Global? US? Aus?

    Vikings > Jessica Jones > Brooklyn Nine Nine > The Last Kingdom

      I'm struggling with Vikings this season. Rollo opting to turn French (of all the people to pick...) has me salty.

      There hasn't been enough pillaging for my liking.

        I was really hoping that after his arc in season 2 he wouldn't try that shit again. Alas, there he goes. History Spoiler:
        I have to say I saw it coming, seeing as he's based off of Duke Rollo of Normandy. The showdown in the upcoming episodes I'm hoping will be great.

        Completely agreed on the pillaging aspect though. Granted, 20 episodes this season - I get the feeling that there's gonna be a whole heap of it at once.

          Oooooohhh! That makes more sense. I didn't know about that little history tidbit. Me and my SO were furious when he deserted Ragnar again.

          I agree, I kinda get the feeling that it's brewing towards a massive long awesome showdown, but please. Please for the love of god hurry up with it.

          More blood eagles, and more Floki required. But never blood eagle Floki.

    Young Justice. No it's not on Aussie Netflix. Yes I'm using VPN. That's between you and me.

      Watch the ever loving crap out of it. Rumor mongering online is that Netflix will do a season 3 if the viewer numbers are good enough. And more YJ isn't a bad thing

        If that /were/ to happen, I think I'd have to brace myself.

        A lot of shows, animated or otherwise, sometimes stick around too long for their own good. A 'Season 3' would have trouble reaching new eyeballs because it has do justice (heh) to the previous storyline/fans.

        I doubt we'd be lucky enough to get the cast back in its entirety. That's par for the course in toons these days but still.

        Plus as well, WB/etc are steadily falling out of love with Netflix, I think. I know the usual thing to do on sites like this is blame 'the corporates' for not giving fans what fans want but if Netflix are too heavy-handed in what/how they want for YJ, I'd rather it be left as is.

    BoJack Horseman. (Choosing only from Originals)

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      Deserves best opening/closing theme.

        No, the best opening theme goes to "Kyle and the Kids" :D

        Also awards for most unexpectedly good.

        And unexpectedly depressing.

    first season of Misfits
    also really enjoyed iZombie
    Jessica Jones
    and i did get into some Fairy Tail for zoning out.

    edit: forgot to mention that Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be near the top of my list, and Vikings is awesome too.

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    I loved Breaking Bad.

    DareDevil is probably my favourite of the Netflix originals, although I liked Jessica Jones and Narcos a lot, too.

    I'm still enjoying Daredevil at the moment. It's a brutal, but quality product.

    House of Cards has been exceptional too, but I will reserve my judgement until I watch this latest season. I am very much looking forward to seeing the fall of Frank Underwood.

      Yeah same, looking forward to seeing Frank get hwipped

        Thank you for teaching me how to spell it the way he says it. Genius.

      Daredevil and Jessica Jones are odd shows. There's a constant tension between the well written dialogue and character stuff and the often silly story beats used to move the plot along. It feels almost like they might be better if the dialogue was more in line with the quippy style of the movies.

    In terms of originals, its a toss between Orange is the New Black, and Jessica Jones.

    Jessica Jones
    House of Cards
    Fuller House
    Orange is the New Black

    Foxtel - AFL 360.
    But seriously, we looked at Netflix in passing a while ago. Can anyone make a case for Netflix over Foxtel or even to have both? We aren't seeing any benefits currently over Foxtel and/or series dl's.

      Why do you use foxtel?

        Mainly for the sports options - AFL dedicated channel, the upcoming Masters, the NFL, MLB and NBA seasons. the Racing channels, the International Cricket comps, the Surfing... I could go on
        Other than that most of the favorite shows i see mentioned above i get on Box Sets on demand or dl.
        The kids watch Nick and Nick Jr and all the other kid friendly options, and the better half enjoys all the lifestyle channel options (Man V Food gets a decent watch when they have marathons)
        The only part we don't have is the movie package.
        So really, in answer @pointzeroone, because we get decent value for money out of it.

          If you're using it for the sports options, probably best to stick to Foxtel. All you're missing out on is the Netflix Originals, which most are good quality, but if you're not really looking for it, then it's probably best to stay with Foxtel.

      I have both, and solely for the Fox Footy channel. Now that it's AFL season there's a reason for Foxtel. Outside of that, I'll switch it down to just the basic "Entertainment" pack.

        This is me exactly. Richmond member living in brisbane - NEED fox footy.

          Freo member living in Brisbane. Interstate-members high five! o/

      As someone who has both… I’m kinda surprised that you need anyone to justify Netflix over Foxtel.

      I have Foxtel for sport, news and a consistent supply of Simpsons.
      Everything else about it is overpriced garbage that I’d drop in a second if it wasn’t all tied up in packages.

      Even if you want to watch something like Game of Thrones. It’s approx $40-50 a month for Foxtel, then you have to buy the Showtime package for $15ish extra, then you have to watch it in standard definition, unless you want to pay extra again….. and then it’s still full of ads.

      What the hell kind of “premium service” is that? That’s a joke!

      Get Foxtel if you absolutely need it for sport (I figure I avoid the pub twice a week by staying home and justify the cost that way), but nobody should pay for it as a television service. Nobody should feel bad about stealing their content either, they deliver a knowingly sub-par service and go well out of their way to block competition. F’ck ‘em.

    Breaking Bad
    Daredevil (I'm rewatching S1 now before I start S2)
    House of Cards (though I still haven't finished Season 1)

    Jessica Jones was alright, but I felt the season was too long...

    There's another one called Tyrant that was pretty good too.

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    I didn't mind Marco Polo, but all time favourite on the current aus netflix is the og power rangers

    Narcos and Jessica Jones.

    Narcos I binged over 2 days. Damn good show.

    Chef's Table because I'm fancier than all of you.

    I'm loving the Marvel and DC shows on there.

    Upper Middle Bogan!!!! It's a full on laugh fest.

    From the originals, OITNB and Kimmy Schmidt


    Loving it.

    House of Cards
    The Fall
    Brooklyn Nine Nine

    For some reason jessica jones became a chore, orange is the new black lost me after the first season.

      House of Cards, The Fall and Brooklyn Nine Nine are all on my top list. To that I'd also add Broadchurch and The Bletchley Circle.

      Hell, The Fall is one of my favorite shows, period.

        Broadchurch was really good too :)

    Current Season (4) of House of Cards has really pulled me back in, absolutely loving it again. Daredevil is great. Just starting out on JJ so no position on that yet. Breaking Bad is still brilliant and having never watched Parks and Rec before I do enjoy one or two later at night to wind down.

    Kung Fury.
    No Question.

    Just finished Jessica Jones last night. Absolutely loved it, the noir tone was awesome for a superhero show.
    Unbreakable Kimmy was good fun, but nothing will beat binge watching the first two seasons of House of Cards.

    Special mention to all of the Office and Parks and Recreation readily available. I binge watched the shit out of that.

      Jessica Jones late finisher hi-five! I only just finished it this weekend.

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