Off Topic: Netflix Recommendations

We did a poll. And it turned out that — of those using TV streaming services — 94% of you were using Netflix. This feels like an opportunity for me. An opportunity to get all your recommendations!

Here, have some of mine.

Downloaded: A really cool documentary by — honestly — the guy who plays Bill in Bill & Ted. Really great stuff. Orphan Black: Great sci-fi drama that more people need to watch. Orange is the New Black: Man, who am I kidding, you're probably watching this already. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Same goes for this one, but just to confirm: it's the absolute best.

Any recommendations from you guys and girls?



      Is that properly good or just Daredevil good?

        Did you not enjoy Daredevil that much Mark? I'm halfway through the first season and just can't keep going :/

        I dunno, thought DD was pretty good .

        It's artsy fartsy, hippie bullshit with a real strong, some would say preachy, message about excepting the difference of people in our world.

        It's a super important message for me & my family.

        But I understand that people hate preachy stuff.

        I found every character in this ensemble both likable & interesting, which I can't say about any other tv series.

        Easily my favourite of the Wachowski Sibs work (I love cloud atlas & thought Jupiter was dumb but fun).

        But yeah, ain't for everyone.

          While "artsy fartsy hippie bullshit" is a pretty well known critical analysis of film and television, more common terminology might include "that crap Citizen Kane started", or even "stuff that frames things meaningfully but makes my brain hurt from thinking".

            Made me laugh, cringe, scared, sad & touched my heart.

            There's plenty of people that do it very well but the Wachowski's do it with all the grace and subtlety of a newly pubescent teen who just discovered Hot Topic was a thing.

              Art doesn't have to be subtle or mature.

              It can be fun & silly, the important thing is that it has something to say.

          Jupiter Ascending was just a pile of sci-fi tropes stuck together with sticky tape and glitter.

        Yeah Sense8 is amazing..... i think others were spot on to describe it as artsy, hippie sci fi flick though.... well worth watching...

        Its a slow start - but highly recommended. You really feel for the characters - both their ups and their down - and I haven't cared about tv characters like this for ages.

    Bojack Horsman! Season 2 starts soon.

      Ooh, neat. Genuinely loved that show. It got freaking dark after the halfway mark. Almost depressing.

        It's pretty darn bleak at times. In some ways I think I'd prefer to leave the series where it ended.

        For those who haven't checked it out, it's kinda Birdman meets Duckman (Do people even remember Duckman?) - An animated series that follows a washed up, narcissistic actor as he tries to pull his life together. It still has a lot of the usual humour you'd see in your typical Adult Swim cartoon, but the characters are unexpectedly well developed.

          Yeah. It's nice to see an adult cartoon that's actually half mature. I mean it's got some immature characters and jokes, but like Duckman it's very human at it's core and even though the script is absurd the writing itself is rather intelligent.

    Brooklyn nine nine has me in stitches at the moment! Have been binge watching it since Sunday :D

    Mythbusters is always a hoot (but you knew that already)

    Chef's Table was an awesome Doco netflix produced. More about the journey and philosophy of people's food than actually cooking it, it was still a refreshing look into the trials and tribulations of becoming a top chef.

    Will be keeping an eye on this today for anymore recommendations so fire away :D

      +1 for Brooklyn nine nine. The girlfriend and I have binge watched that at least twice now between us. Always good for a laugh. Really hoping they add season 2 soon

      B99 has the makings of a dumb throw away sitcom, yet is so brilliantly written it has you in stitches constantly. It's definitely up there with Parks n Rec for me.

        And Rosa is crazy hot.

          Yeah she is literally crazy hot XD

          And @phlaiman, I was very hesitant getting into the show for this very reason. Now that I'm most of the way through I am loving it!

        Sure, it's Scrubs set in a police station.

          Couldn't stand scrubs... love B99... I must be fickle.. or maybe it's just Terry Crews..

      Chef's table is amazing

        So good right! Who was your favourite? I really enjoyed Massimo and his Italian food, and Francis Mallmann's incredibly rustic approach to everything. Good fun.

          I loved the Massimo episode too, but I have to say the Magnus Nilsson one really moved me.

      Brooklyn Nine Nine is made of win. I binged the first season and am desperate for the second. I hope it comes online soon!

        Same, just finished off season 1 last night. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!

    My favourite thing that I found which I didn't know anything about before Netflix was Brooklyn Nine Nine.

    Shameless (US Version)

      Really? I guess, I've had it ruined by the British version. The American one seem so sanitised.

        I watched about 6 or 7 seasons of the British version and I loved it. The US version starts off with the same story in season one but then goes in it's own direction, definitely not sanitised, if anything it's a lot more messed up.

      I got obsessed with this. I'm waiting eagerly for the next season.
      Incredibly dark stuff that they get right and hit a lot of situations that I can relate to.

        Hate to burst your bubble, but Season 5 is an absolute mess, really just kind of dropped the ball, you might like it, but it's left a sour taste in my mouth, only because I absolutely loved Seasons 1-4.

    I remember scrolling through the horror section and I came across a movie about mutant killer sheep in new zealand...

      I loved that movie. It was so fucking dumb, like a B-grade schlock horror should be, but the practical effects were excellent. WETA donated a bunch of time and expertise.
      I'll never watch it again but goddamn, did I enjoy it the first time around.

        I'm a huge B-grade horror fan, and I absolutely loved it. Reminded me of Peter Jackson's early movies

    I've been watching some utter shit on it and loving it.

    Iceman, Ninja, Dragonlore, Next, The Tournament. All gloriously horrendous.

    For something good though I can't recommend Ace Attorney enough. Very faithful adaptation that keeps the zany trimmings while playing it nearly straight.

      When I finally ditch Stan for Netflix, the AA movie will be the first thing I watch on it.

      Oh yeah. They qualify for my favourite portmanteau "Craptacular"

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood if you haven't seen it. One of the best anime adaptions of the maga and best of all no filler!
    Brooklyn Nine nine
    The Ace Attorney movie! Haven't watched it yet but I'm a huge AA game fan.
    And a guilty pleasure of mine. The entirity of the Power Rangers series. It's so bad but nostalgia gets me through it!

      Power Rangers is awesome. I'm trying to get my 2 year old as attached to it as I was when I was a kid. Same with Pokemon and Yugioh.

        Be careful what you wish for - my two and four year olds want Power Rangers all hours of the bloody day!

      The Ace Attorney movie hahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahaah

      ... oh my god, it's so bad, yet so good. I honestly don't know how to feel about that movie :O

        Have you played the games?

          Yeah, and that was probably a lot of the appeal for me (even if the movie is actually just the first couple of cases from the first game).

      Quick question - Is FMA supposed to be a kids show ?
      Because one time I idly watched 20 mins of an episode, and the butler(?) was having sex with a maid. I'm like WTF ? I thought this was for kids..

      Last edited 01/07/15 3:16 pm

        The FMA Brotherhood DVDs are rated M & MA15+, if that tells you anything.

        Very little anime is rated G or PG (about one series in ten). This is one reason why anime fans get annoyed when you tell them that anime is for kids...

        In truth, some anime (perhaps one series in three or four) is actually made for kids, but some of that includes stuff that exceeds the ratings bar in Australia. The rest of it splits its target market between hardcore otaku (read, extreme fans - nudity and/or giant robots), romance/drama, and a bunch of smaller audiences.

        Much of it is made for late-night TV slots, although given that there's something like a hundred new anime released each year, the kids market is still fairly well served.

        No. But then some anime isn't and it lands up being that way. By the sounds of it you must've caught an episode or two of the original series which went off track as soon as they got to Lab 5. From that point on FMA was a unique anime.
        Brotherhood follows the manga from start to finish pretty much. Except for episode 1, that's purely anime filler if you ask me.

    Video Game High School - If you feel like watching something light-hearted and kind of random/silly/humorous. Lot's of subtle (and sometimes not subtle) references to different video games, and some satirical remarks about video gaming in general. I'm enjoying it so far, just started season 3 the other day.

      Backed seasons 2 and 3 myself. Yet to watch season 3 so I probably should get around to finishing it

      Does it get better after episode 1? I gave that a shot and thought it was awful but willing to give it another go.

        Not really, but it never loses that 'this is awful, but I'm willing to give it another shot' quality. So I ended up watching it all, despite not being able to recommend it.

        Kind of like Arrow. It's terrible, but you'll watch it to the end.

        Last edited 30/06/15 2:15 pm

    I personally took about 7 eps to really "get into" Kimmy Schmidt and even then I was only seeing it through because I was over halfway at that point. I don't know if I'm interested enough to come back for season 2. Ic loved 30 Rock but Tina Fey's writing hasn't really grabbed me here. I did like Jane Krakowski's character though. She has deluded narcissism locked down.

    Orange is the New Black has been amazing. I keep saying this but every few episodes I started to worry like "oh, this [event] is going to take the show in a direction I don't like" but then it only got better. It has its ups and downs but for the most part I really enjoy it. I just need to finish season 3 tho... got up to episode 6 then got sidetracked.

    A show I'd not heard of before Netflix was Brooklyn Nine Nine. I was dubious but it turned out to be really funny and the characters are all well-played. Really hope we get season 2 soon, the season 1 cliffhanger is killing me.

    I need to check out Orphan Black - the concept seems similar to Ringer from a couple of years ago starring Sarah Michelle Dellar, but with more of a sci-fi vibe. Anyway, it's next on my list right alongside Sense8 which I heard good things about (and constantly see ads for). Daredevil is on my list somewhere.

    I'd been seeing occasional gifsets/clips of Bojack Horseman months before Netflix came out here and it looked hilarious. The first few eps didn't really live up to that but once I got a few episodes in and came to know the characters, I really enjoyed it. The Christmas Special was alright, but yeah, bring on season 2, please.

    I don't know what else to suggest. I'm mainly thinking about shows since there are so many movies on my "to watch" list but not many that are new to me, just ones I want to rewatch.

    Right now, I've been watching Friday Night Lights. It's a decent drama about people that play sportsball that drops in quality in the later seasons. Coach Taylor is the heart of the show and I'm going to start watching Bloodlines next, simply because he's in that too.

    Before that there was Blue Mountain State. It's a decent comedy about people that play sportsball. Some of the people behind Super Troopers were involved in it, so if that's your style of thing it's pretty good.

    Suits starts off with a good premise (brilliant con artist becomes a lawyer at a prestigious firm) but wears thin after a few seasons (an annoyingly common theme in shows that I've been watching).

    Misfits takes a look at what happens when a bunch of delinquents on community service end up with minor super powers. It's a show where you can dislike everyone on the screen but still want to watch because seeing them screw up is so entertaining. A lot of fans were turned off of the show after one of the actors left. I didn't mind so much.

    Video Game High School is dumb. It's the right kind of dumb to have on in the background. Esports are apparently a big thing and kids go to school to learn to pwn.

      Did you get to end of Season 3 in Suits... Louis starts to shine.

      Season 4 was a bit of alright too, but not sure where they're going to take Season 5 which just started.

        That's where I stopped (and where Netflix runs out of episodes). Louis definitely has his moments but the show ran out of steam for me.

      Rdg Misfits: To be fair, the quality after season one dropped quite a lot. I love the concept (... I enjoyed every season of Heroes. Don't judge me), but I stopped watching midway through season 3. Sure, Nathan was the most popular character, but the storylines just weren't as good.

        I watched because I enjoyed seeing everything go wrong. The plot only ever served as an excuse for that to happen, so I didn't pay too much attention when it wasn't very good.

      VGHS is Freddie Wong's project isn't it? Wasn't it originally released on YouTube? Is what's on Netflix all of it, or just season 2 onwards?

        Yup and yup.

        Originally season 1 was released on Netflix as Videogame High School: the Movie (just like the Red vs Blue DVDs) but they put everything up as individual episodes pretty soon after.

          Ah, neat. I'd been thinking about checking it out but wasn't yet prepared to do the research into the best way/order to watch it. Now that that's out of the way, it moves up my list.

      Suits does get a bit pretencious (halfway through second season) but im generally loving it, that said I also really liked Burn Notice, Leverage and White Collar.

      Misfits people complained that Nathan left but Roody is a good replacement season 4 onwards

    I must reiterate my enjoyment of the low pressure show, Arthur. Nothing terribly bad or serious is ever on the line, there aren't any really mean or terrible people, even the "bullies" are nice, and there's even some surprise guest voices like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Neil Gaiman.

    No stress or anything to get your heart racing in any way. Just good, easy times.

    Blacklist, starts out kinda meh... but gets really good. Was especially good for me while i was playing GTA V. lol.

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    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is Tina Fey's new show after 30 Rock, so if you liked 30 Rock then watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it's about a woman who was stuck in a bomb shelter for 15 years because she joined an apocalypse cult, who is freed and tries to live life in New York City. (I didn't even see that you put it as one of yours Mark, but yeah, watch Kimmy Schmidt everyone.)

    I really enjoyed Daredevil too, it's refreshing having a darker look into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Vincent D'Onofrio slowly becomes an amazing King Pin. It's not the best drama/action show out there, but it's definitely the best superhero based TV Show.

    Last edited 30/06/15 11:55 am

      UKS just didn't resonate with me. I feel like it's filler fluff and has nothing on 30 Rock. But even without that comparison I just don't find it that entertaining for some reason.

      Totally agree about Daredevil though.

    Brooklynn Nine-Nine, Orange is the New Black, Bloodline, Orphan Black, Daredevil all done. Watching House of Cards now and then Sense8.

    Fantastic value for money when you think of it. Works flawlessly on my PS4 or PS3 (not so well directly from my Smart TV for some reason).

    My recommendations are documentaries - All That Mayhem (Australian skateboarders fall from grace), The Culture High (about the futility of the war on drugs), Jiro Dreams of Sushi (master sushi chef is masterful) and Fed Up (the food industry's complicity in the obesity epidemic).
    Granted these are all on the US Netflix so some may not be available here.

    After i finished Brooklyn Nine Nine I went onto....

    The Thick Of It

    Now finished that and I'm bored.

      Did you watch In The Loop? That'll help stave off the Malcolm cravings for a little while.

        Started but then Chris Addison was playing a different (but same) character... And I stopped...

    Blue Mountain State is easily the best I've seen on Netflix so far, I haven't laughed that much at a show in a long time.

    TV show wise, I absolutely LOVED The Tunnel.

    Movie wise I liked Housebound and The Loved Ones.

    Loved a doco about Antarctica filmed by a Kiwi using lots and lots of time lapse recordings and explaining what life is like for the few that stay during the non-summer months. As Kramer's girlfriend Toby would say: "Really, really great!". Really great.

    Also for MMA fans; Dawgfight. A black community setting up paid MMA fights literally in a backyard with some good fighters hoping to go on to MMA professional careers. Real low level stuff by an opportunistic local using his Mom's house. A couple of good, raw knock outs. Bare knuckle stuff too.

    Watched Naked Gun again recently which although silly, brought some good old fashioned laughs.

    Oh, and Big Trouble In Little China. 'Nough said.

      Question: Am I ready to watch Big Trouble in Little China?

      Answer: I was born ready.

      Dawgfight was put together by Billy Cohen, the guy who made Cocaine Cowboys. If you haven't seen it, it's highly recommended.
      I'm putting Dawgfight up the top of my "to watch" list - thanks for the reminder of its existence.

    I've been watching the shit outta Suits

    Also Q-ball will love Dragons: Race to the edge also good for adults too

      Oh. Good. Hopefully all the shit's gone by the time I get around to it. :-)

    I'd highly recommend 'The Fall' if you haven't watched it already. Great stuff.

      I really enjoyed The Fall too.
      Good acting from Gillian Anderson, who channels her inner Margaret Thatcher
      Will be interesting to see what happens next season.

    No real recommendations really but I would suggest people use to keep track of new releases as the UI really isn't that great

    Daredevil took me a few tries to get through. It's a little overly grim for my tastes, but I'm ultimately interested to see where they take the next season.

    I got embarrassingly invested in Total Drama Island. It's an animated parody of the Survivor reality TV show. I started watching it because the character designs were interesting, but got sucked into the (silly) story. Is it any good? Not Really. Am I hanging out for the next season? Most certainly.

    Last edited 30/06/15 12:34 pm

      In Daredevil's defense the show properly invested itself in being grim and dark. If that's not your thing that's totally understandable, but at least it runs deeper than just trying to be edgy and cool by being grim and dark on a totally superficial level.

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