Off Topic: Podcast Recommendations

I listen to a lot of podcasts. If I'm not working, that's usually how I kill time during my commute.

I want your recommendations! What podcasts do you listen to?

As for me, I typically don't listen to video game podcasts at all. The bulk of my listening is wrestling podcasts like the Steve Austin Show and MMA-related shows like the MMA Hour.

Outside of those? My favourites are...

— Hardcore History — Snap Judgement — Radiolab — Freakonomics

What are some of your recommendations?


    One's I listen to are:
    - Hardcore History
    - Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast
    - Marc Maron's WTF (Only if the guest interests me)
    - Norm Macdonald Live (More of a vodcast. Also, not sure if he's doing any new ones)
    - Serial (when the podcast was originally happening anyway)

    I discovered One Shot Podcast, which is an RPG actual play podcast, and it's been wonderful being able to listen in to a game while I havent been able to organise one.

    Perennial recommendation: Roman Mars' 99% invisible. Tiny podcast about design and architecture, utterly fascinating.
    Planet Money is a good (though American-centred) podcast on random bits of economics, usually very interesting

    Just started listening to Galactic Suburbia, an Aussie science Fiction discussion podcast that just won the Hugo award, it's pretty neat

    I've fallen out of sync with Kevin Smith's stuff as of late, but Smodcast and Hollywood Babble-On are fairly awesome and lighthearted ways to kill an hour and a half.
    I've slowed down with them, though, because The Joe Rogan Experience is just so fucking awesome. I don't think I'll ever run out of content. All other podcasts have gone by the wayside since a friend recommended it to me.

      Smodcast and Babble On suck now since all he does is talk about Canadian news and the first 40 minutes of the audience stuff for Babble On is unbearably. Fatman on Batman and Tell'em Steve Dave are still the good ones.

      Went to his show on Friday at State Theatre and he married some couple on stage.

        I have to agree on both points there, actually. Babble-On isn't what it used to be. Way too much audience pandering. Although I do still enjoy a little SCAHN BEE-CEE.
        I was there too! The Light saber school guy was kind of cool, and I'm really glad he got his moment.
        Was a little shitty that they changed the run order though, I had a question I'm burning to ask but once I found my seat there were already like five people on either side. I also had heard the stories he told - including the Mallrats producer one - many times before in various formats, but I still enjoyed it.
        I was just a little irritated that he practically ignored the first question and talked about whatever he wanted to for the first twenty to thirty minutes. Is it a Q&A or "how can I creatively turn a question into something I've written and rehearsed"?

        Agree on Babble on. I only listen occasionally now, your right about 40 minutes of audience participation though. That's my start point for that show.
        Laser time is good, 80s/90s pop culture and find myself remembering stupid stuff from when I was a kid.
        Aussie podcast Retro Domination is great for retro gaming, consoles to computers, and Little Dum Dum club when I need a laugh

    The Bugle: Audio Newspaper for a Visual World.

    John Oliver has been doing this for years with Andy Zaltzman, a seriously funny man in his own right who is obsessed with cricket.

    Not sure if they are still doing it. Oliver got busy with the Last Week Tonight show. But seriously seriously funny. I can't listen to it at work because I regularly wee on my seat.

    If you like puns:

      The Bugle seems dead but their Bin Laden is Dead episode has still won podcasting....

    Spontaneanation, Comedy Bang Bang, How Did this Get Made?, With Special Guest - Lauren Lapkus. Most anything on Earwolf.
    Then there's Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs, cos I loves me some Frasier talk.
    Nerdist is fun too, and Kinda Funny Games.
    Pistol Shrimps Radio...
    God, too many to name....

    Welcome to Night Vale
    The Nerdist (great hour length interviews with people)
    The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC fun science panel, with comedians and scientists)
    Stuff you missed in History Class

    Because I'm a (old) nerd, I'm really into this podcast entirely devoted to 1st edtion Advanced Dungeons and Dragons called 'Roll for Initiative.' heh .. 1st ed would have been out of print for at least 30 years!


      For super lighthearted D&D podcast have a listen to D&D is for nerds.

    The Joe Rogan Experience
    The Fighter and the Kid
    Stuff you should know

      Church of Whats Happening Now is another good one of that genre.

    Kinder Surprised? - My podcast where I open Kinder Surprise eggs and record my reactions to see if I am genuinely surprised.

      Is this for-realsies? I would like to listen to an episode.

      Agree as well, this sounds like and awesome 5 min podcast. Hopefully you also narrate putting it together (if they still require construction).

    Laser Time - Great Pop Culture podcast.
    Super Best Friend Cast. - Funny Vidya game guys

    but he best goes to "The Worst Idea of All Time" Podcast, which is where two new zealand comedians watched grown ups 2 every week for an entire year, and made a podcast about it. They have finished Grown Ups 2, and are now watching Sex and the City 2, their descent into madness is fantastic to watch.

    I've been enjoying Sawbones. It's a look back at (in hindsight) ridiculous treatments for various medical conditions through history.

    Also, No Such Thing As A Fish is great. It's the people who research QI talking about funny things they've come across.

    Hardcore Histories
    Stuff You Should Know
    Cracked Podcast
    And they don't really run anymore, but 40k Radio was pretty great too.

    There's no such thing as a fish.
    - Four researchers for the BBC show QI sit down and run through some of the interesting things they found out each week.
    The Podcast History of Our World.
    - Super interesting premise, basically this guy (he's a history professor, I think) started at the dawn of civilization and started working forward. Every episode covers a little bit of time, but focuses on the big player in that time frame. It's on hiatus for the moment because he's redoing some of the earlier episodes.

    Have you heard of Last Stop to Nowhere?
    It's a podcast about Australian history, according to it it's the Australian history you didn't learn in school

    The Dollop. One comedian (Dave Anthony) tells another comedian (Gareth Reynolds) a messed up story from (mostly) American history. Hilarious to hear the reactions from Gareth who has no idea what the stories are about. If I'd recommend an episode to start with, it'd be episode 12- The Rube or 27- Oofty Goofty if you've only got a sort time to listen to one.

    The Anthony Cumia Show
    Legion of Skanks
    Race Wars

    Are my favorites right now. I also listen to Opie and Jim, and Bennington shows on SiriusXM Radio

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    Everything from Frogpants studios and Diamond club, particularly:
    - The Morning Stream
    - Night Attack
    - Film Sack
    - Weird Things
    - Current Geek
    - Daily Tech News show

    The Lords of Luxury. If you like your humor black, then listen to this podcast immediately.

    Love and Radio

    The greatest podcast series of all time.
    Real people in the most strange places you could imagine, great insight.

    For funny I go: Joe Rogan Experience, Fighter & The Kid, Kill Tony (it's an open mic show where the comedians are critqued by the world's best comics)

    Informative: Hardcore History, Radio Lab, Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria, The Naked Scientists, The Infinite Monkey Cage

    Investigative: This American Life, Serial, Invisibilia, Note To Self

    Doesn't fit the other categories but I never miss Savage Lovecast. I love Dan Savage's tough truth approach to the world of sex & relationships.

    I also casually listen to Team Alpha Male, The Probe with Matt & Bruno, Meat Eater, Penn's Sunday School & Willosophy, but none on that list are regular.

    No Agenda - Media deconstruction, if you want to view what is being shown to you in a different way, highly recommended. May take a few episodes to get into it, but it's a good podcast that is twice weekly, very well produced and highly recommended.

    Skeptics Guide to the Universe - The SGU discuss weekly topics with a skeptical view, often having guest on for indepth discussions on various topics. Good friends of the SkepticZone podcast (Richard Saunders - Australian based).

    Security Now - Good low level security news for technology, Steve has interesting topics he digs deep on, very informative and interesting.

    PC Perspective - Get a weeks worth of news about the PC industry in a few hours.

    The Dollop
    Comedy Bang Bang
    The Indoor Kids
    How did this get made?
    With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus
    This Is only a test
    Stuff You Should Know
    The Nerdist
    Still untitled
    Get Up On This
    The Crabfeast
    James Bonding
    U Talkin' U2 to Me?

    For a start...

    (also can you fix the moderation requirement on my posts please?)

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