Paradox Wants To Know How Evil You Are For Their Next Game

Paradox Wants To Know How Evil You Are For Their Next Game

“Watch some cute animal videos. Remind yourself that you could easily kill and eat every one of those tiny, helpless creatures. Preferably in front of their owners.”

What the hell kind of game is this?

It’s a survey created by Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment that playfully tests your capacity for evil. The studios won’t actually announce what their new game is until later this week. That’s understandable given that the Game Developers Conference is kicking off this week, and so we should expect a whole ream of trailers, interviews and panels revealing various bits and pieces about upcoming titles.

(NX information, anyone?)

But I digress. Paradox, Obsidian, and evil. The former’s games can be particularly nefarious especially if you like a bit of sibling rivalry with your regicide. And let’s not forget the fun of exemplifying Stirling Archer levels of obnoxiousness in Alpha Protocol.

I feel like the underling’s capability for retaliation is being underestimated here. But maybe it’s not because you’re an overlord or some kind of summoned demon; I’m starting to think of the Overlord games now.

The new game will be announced via Paradox’s Twitch channel on 11:00 AM AEDT Wednesday (8:00 AM AWST, 10:00 AM QLD time and 10:30 AM for those in Radelaide). Given the histories of the two studios, it’d be surprising if there wasn’t some kind of strategy/RPG cross-over here. Turn-based, probably, although a real-time game would be quite nice.


  • Nooooooo, the point of Video Games is that it’s a fantasy world where you can make all the right decisions to make everyone happy and save everyone instead of the bleak reality of no-right-solutions sadness and inevitable despair. ;_;

    • If I’m the only person left alive and I’m happy and saved from having to deal with everyone else’s constant nagging that they’re unhappy with how I do things is that a good or bad ending?

    • You’re right. The point of video games is to make all the right choices to make everyone (who is me) happy, and save everyone (who is me) instead of the bleak reality of no-right-solutions sadness and inevitable despair. The point is that there’s always a right, good choice to make everyone (who is me) happy. That choice just happens to come at the demise of every other character in the game. Those who aren’t me don’t count

  • Apparently I’m dangerous, which everyone knew already so it’s not much of a survey.

  • lol I’m ruthless in games, as evil as can be 🙂

    And the test results prove it: Your capacity for evil appears to have squeezed out your capacity for anything else, including empathy and reason. It’s not just that you have evil thoughts; you appear incredibly eager to leap from “mildly annoyed” to “actively murdering anything in sight.” That’s… fine! We’re okay with that.

    that was fun 😛

  • Wasn’t there a robots-versus-Old-Gods strategy game called Human Resources that failed to get funded last year? Could Paradox have gotten hold of the rights, if the URL is anything to go by?

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