Quantum Break's Live-Action Footage Isn't On The Disc

Quantum Break's Live-Action Footage Isn't On The Disc

Well, this is new. Quantum Break, Remedy's grand experiment fusing video games with serial television, has some video game parts and some live-action parts. The video game parts will come bundled on the game's disc/download. The live-action TV episode parts, however, will have to be streamed to your PC or Xbox. Remedy's Greg Louden told Game Informer that the decision to do this was based on not just the file size of the videos, but the fact that there'd be so many videos required — the game has a branching storyline — that "When we figured out how big the data was, we had to backpedal and think of some good solutions and this made sense".

That solution is going to be a killer for people with bandwidth caps on their internet usage. Xbox One users will at least have the option to download the videos to their HDD, but PC owners — remember, there's a PC version now — won't, because on PC the videos will run up to 4K in size.


    Also a neat way to keep track of how much residuals to pay all those actors going forward.

    Imagine when you play an old game in the future you're going to make a payment appear in the bank accounts of everybody who had something to do with it, more or less.

      Haha this type of game won't work in the future when the servers are gone!

        That would have to be a massive far flung future

        I mean Microsoft literally just said they intend on being fully forwards compatible, meaning the next iteration Xbox will run whatever games you are buying now...

        if the game ever gets that old I'm sure we will be using a new media by then and it will be able hold all of that content too when they inevitably re release it :p

    It just sucks major balls that it's only available on the windows 10 store and not Steam, the reviews of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Win10 store aren't good, slow download and slow updates, not to mention the price gouge, RotTR is $59.99 on Steam but $79.99 on the win10 store.

    This went from a buy day one to a wait and see if it releases on steam.

      Is windows app store in aus or us dollar?

        It's Aus, so the point about the 'price gouging' isn't quite accurate. It'a actually cheaper on the Windows store once you do the conversion.

        Last edited 02/03/16 2:36 pm

          @skrundarlow @pointzeroone

          But with Rise of the Tomb Raider you can buy it from other stores not just steam or the app store, currently you can get a steam key from Green Man Gaming for $67AUD.

          I suppose to clarify my point... Because Quantum Break will only be available on the Win10 app store, there is nothing stopping Microsoft price gouging.


      Was cheaper then that when I first got it :) The game is great, no idea what issues with updating you are refferring to, as I've had none. Download was also normal :\

    Lucky my current plan is unlimited then. I wonder how it'll be during peak times though

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    I don’t mind as long as it streams quickly.

    I was going to download the game anyway (as I do with everything these days) so it just means I won’t have to download videos that I might miss anyway.

    250+250GB peak/offpeak for me, in saying that I'll just steal them off a torrent site someday when I give a shit, because I'm evil and all...

      Heh, don't see how it's so evil when buying the game is what gives you the license to stream it. So as far as I'm concerned if I bought the game then I deserve those video files.

    Makes sense, but hopefully won't mean it pausing every few seconds for buffering. Will have to keep a close eye on it

    Why can't PC users download the videos to their HDD? Because they are in 4K? WTF, what kind of an excuse is that?

    I wonder if it will count as xbox live data, cos that's not metered through iinet anyway. Hurm.

    Not mentioned is that there are about 5 of these tv episode length (around 22min each) cutscenes.

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