Ron Paul Cops Rainbow Six Image For Anti-FBI Article

Ron Paul Cops Rainbow Six Image For Anti-FBI Article

See the scary-looking image on top of the new article published on the website of US libertarian politician Ron Paul? It's not a real picture, nor is it based on a real picture: He got it from a Ubisoft game. The article, "America's Gestapo: The FBI's Reign of Terror", was posted on Paul's website and Facebook page last night (h/t Patrick). It uses a carefully cropped header image from, well:

Ron Paul Cops Rainbow Six Image For Anti-FBI Article

I wonder how Tom Clancy would feel?


    Poor Ubi, everybody keeps stealing their art

      First of all, lol, secondly, people need to stop sleeping on this awesome game.

    Wasn't Tom Clancy a bit of a right wing libertarian nutter to start with? Maybe he'd be happy with the this kind of repurposing of work bearing his name.

      He was a nutter. Not sure if he was a Randian, though. From memory, he was just really right wing. But who knows? Practically all right wing politics from this century leads back to Randian bullshit at some point.

    Mildly amusing I guess, but it's just a picture. I'm more curious if the article itself has any merit, but I don't have the time to read it right now.

    pffft everyone knows that Jager is the best class

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