Hello everyone, I just realised that I forgot to credit Jackymon with drawing yesterday's ScribbleTaku. Huge apology. Sorry about that!

Sadly, someone managed to guess it. I was hoping it would make it to day two because Jackymon had drawn a second image!

But congrats to Smithtacular, for his awesome user name and the fact that he correctly guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Baten Kaitos!

Today's effort comes from Lysander! Good luck everyone!



      100% Lylatwars

        DanMazkin above has technically beaten me to it with starwing but I'm playing the "when in australia, use the australian name" card

          Starwing is the first game on Super Nintendo? otherwise know as Starfox for us. it doesn't have the reticle that was introduced in Lylatwars or Starfox 64 so this victory is all yours.

            actually you may be right, star wing/starfox snes, starfox 64/lylatwars n64

              Stick with Lylat wars Nexi. Starwing's cockpit view has a single targeting box, not a pair that move around like that.

          wait no, we were Starwing also... I think? I don't remember. it's been a long time since I've played that game.

      Daz may have you on this one Nexi. But I agree with you mate, looks Lylat wars to me.

    It's definitely Lylat Wars, but on the off chance it's not, Curveball.

    Switched to ScribbleTaku to counter the google image searches and im amazed at how quickly this stuff still gets guessed. :)

    You're all freaks!

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