‘Trump Has Successfully Eliminated All Life On Earth’

‘Trump Has Successfully Eliminated All Life On Earth’

According to a tweet from developer Ndemic Creations, Trump is currently one of the most popular names for players to give their humanity-ending pathogen in the strategy game Plague Inc. Another win!

Plague, Inc. is a game in which players create a deadly pathogen and attempt to encourage its spread across the globe, with the ultimate goal being global extinction. It started off as a mobile game but soon spread to consoles and PC. It’s actually quite fun. especially when you give your killer disease an appropriate name.

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  • The amount of negative attention Trump is getting right now, with this brief article as an example, makes me think people are forgetting the phrase ‘Any publicity is good publicity’.

    Much of the negative attention is being spurred on by the media and both the mainstream Republicans and Democrats. There are a lot of people right now who are rather disillusioned with the ‘establishment’ of the media and political parties that exists these days. The more these establishments try to discredit Trump, the more those who want something different are likely to vote for Trump. Anyone who doesn’t want him as US President, would be wiser to ignore him and focus more on talking up who they actually want to be President, whether it be another Republican candidate or one of the Democrat candidates.

    Just to clarify my own position, I don’t really have any firm position on who I would vote for, it would be completely irrelevant as I’m Australian, not American. I’m just fascinated by Trumps success so far despite the hate he gets, he has gained quite a lot of support from American voters still. It’s something I’d still call a success whether he ultimately wins Presidency or not, this campaign is likely to leave some sort of legacy in the minds of some.

    • Its simple really. Trump says idiotic bigoted things without any basis in fact. That happens to appeal to the idiotic bigots of america who happen to mostly reside in the southern states (Alabama for example, The home of ignorance and bigotry in America).

      Trump says stupid things, Stupid people believe him. Thats all there really is to it.

      • while he is sactually saying stupid things that people believe the biggest problem is that no one actually knows where he stands because he has been extremely inconsistant. the biggest thing to point out is that until recently he has always been a democrate and given money to democrate candidents, its only been in last 3 years that he has been trying to get the attention of the racist vote

        • Thats because he knows its so easy to get there vote, As he has proven. All you need to do is spout racial hatred (Build a wall, All Mexicans are rapists, Kill the families of ISIS members) And the inbreds will flock to you.

    • The amount of support Trump gets is simply the best proof around that America really is the most retarded nation on Earth.

      No apologies. Trump is human scum and so is anyone who supports him. You can literally compare the guy to Hitler without invoking Godwin’s Law because it’s just too true: he talks a lot of mindless crap about “making America great again”, he’s waging a campaign based on fear, division and racial hatred, and you just KNOW that as soon as he gets into office he’s going to step up the war against all non-white people in the name of “protecting our interests”.

      If Trump becomes President of the US, the world will end. He WILL start World War III and we will all die. The fact that he’s even gotten as far as he has despite being an absolutely vile human being (and an obviously vile one at that) is already enough to make me give up on America completely.

    • As Pauline showed in the 90s, there’s easy votes in parroting talkback radio callers. They’ll eat that shit up, and say you’re “saying what politicians won’t.”

      Also, make sure to spew out crap so pleasingly simplistic and insane that nobody else will – like the Great Wall of Mexico, or her idea of fixing inflation by printing more money.

  • Although history would seem to show that these sorts of politicians don’t really stick around in the long run.

  • Did anyone else legitimately think that ‘Drumpf’ was actually taking over the world and not Trump?

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