Brexit Ousts Donald Trump As The Most Deadly Disease In Plague Inc

Brexit Ousts Donald Trump As The Most Deadly Disease In Plague Inc

The people have spoken. According to players of global extinction disease game Plague Inc, Brexit is now deadlier than Donald Trump and his distant third place rival, Death.

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In Plague Inc, you name a disease and then spread it across the planet. You win when nobody’s left standing. It’s pretty grim, but you can do things like name your disease “farts”, “memes” or “George R.R. Martin” to lighten the mood.

Or you can stare into the hollow eye sockets of oblivion and laugh spasmodically until your neighbours have you committed. Case in point:

Brexit, for the uninitiated, is the latest glob of unfathomable garbage to latch onto renowned runaway trashball year 2016. Britain recently voted to exit the European Union, causing everything from widespread financial fallout, to chaos and uncertainty in the European Union, to renewed racism across Britain and abroad as a result of the Leave campaign’s ugly anti-immigration sentiment. It’s also forced an unprecedented number of people to look at the dead-eyed amalgam of a deflated volleyball and a wig made of bird nests (and held together by bird shit) otherwise known as Boris Johnson’s face.

Unsurprisingly, former most popular Plague Inc disease Donald Trump is a big fan of Brexit.

Perhaps, though, all hope is not lost:


  • Because I see every cloud’s silver lining, England/Wales are going to be needing to get BUSY if their population begins to dwindle like many pundits are predicting either due to changes in citizenship laws or the local economy and job prospects in the near-term. They’ve broken up with the EU, and Ireland/Scotland won’t answer the booty call, that leaves the lads and ladies of Australia.

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