Uh-Oh, They're Making Another Indiana Jones Movie

Goddammit. Just when you thought you'd buried memories of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull deep enough in your sub-conscious, Disney go an and announce this.

Steven Spielberg will Direct Harrison Ford in a brand new Indiana Jones movie set for release in 2019.

Someone make it stop.

“Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019,” said Alan Horn, Disney Chairman. “It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with Harrison and Steven.”

This will be the very first Indiana Jones without George Lucas' involvement. I'm actually not sure how I feel about that.

I'm firmly of the opinion this movie should not be made, but who cares what I think. Also — maybe it will be good? Maybe it'll wash that terrible Kingdom of the Crystal Skull taste out of my mouth.

You never know.

Via Hollywood Reporter


    Oh no please not more Harrison Ford! He was absolutely terrible in Star Wars, the guy needs to retire and stop making movies.

    He has lost all ability to act, every scene he was in detracted from the movie. One where he plays the star role can be nothing but a train wreck.

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      I thought he was great in Star Wars!

        Damn straight!

        He was the absolute highlight of The Force Awakens for me. I loved seeing him back in action as Han Solo again. And he seemed to be enjoying doing it, too, unlike Crystal Skull where he wasn't just phoning it in, it was like he'd paid somebody else a couple of bucks to phone it in for him.

          He looked horribly awkward to me. Plus his comments about not actually liking Star Wars and the only reason he agreed to Force Awakens was because he needed money.

          Maybe it's because I haven't watched a movie Ford has made in recent years but he really killed it for me. The scene with the debt collectors on his ship was just painful.

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            That moment when he tried to run was pretty poor I'll give you that.

              The weird side plot with the bowcaster was awkward too.

              Hey I'm sure we'll all run like that when we're 70ish lol

            "the only reason he agreed to Force Awakens was because he needed money."

            I've found the older I get, the less fucks I give about sugarcoating the truth in order to soften the blow. It's a simple fact. So I figure basically, Fords in his 70s and he cbf doing it for the fans either. He knows they want to hear "Oh its a monumental part of my life blah blah blah" but the simple fact is it's a job, it paid a buttload and it was a guaranteed hit which elevated his star status again. It was really a no-brainer.

            If people wanna get butthurt they didn't get the answer they hoped for as opposed to the simple truth they got, that's their issue, not his.

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              No butthurt here. I only said that because Brains said he seemed to enjoy it. Was just pointing out his motivation was more due to money than him actually wanting to be in another Star Wars movie.

            Yeah. It didn't ruin the movie for me and he seemed to put genuine effort into The Force Awakens, but he just doesn't bring the same energy to his roles as he used to. Even when he's putting more effort in too much of the 'I'm contractually obligated to promote my movie on your talk show... but that doesn't mean I have to talk' Harrison Ford comes through.
            I'm glad he came back to wrap it up but it's a relief knowing he's more or less done with Star Wars. I'd much rather watch a movie with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher since those two are much better suited to playing older versions of their characters while still capturing what made them great to begin with.

            All that said I'm cautiously optimistic about a new Indiana Jones movie. Like I said when Disney brought Star Wars they're actually really good at making these sorts of movies. They might actually find a way to pull it off.

              He didn't ruin Star Wars for me (other parts of the movie did that well enough on their own) but he definitely detracted from the whole.

              Imo it would have been better if:
              They had Kylo Ren kill him prior to the timeline of the movie commencing and that was part of him turning to the Dark Side.

              His acting is the same as it ever was but his age has detracted from it. Maybe it was the role they had him play - a still active Han Solo rather than one who sits on the side lines more. Just didn't fit his age. Made it stand out like a sore thumb as a poor performance.

              When it comes to Indiana Jones I can see the same thing happening. It'll be fine if they have him sit back more...try to throw him into the action and it won't be so good.

            I have a hard time understanding how Harrison Ford could need money when he was apparently worth $200m+ BEFORE The Force Awakens.


            Although I think he got divorced once or twice, so perhaps he had bills to pay from that.

              Maybe "wanted" money would be better phrasing? I'm just going by a news article I read around the time Force Awakens was released and he was quoted as responding along those lines when asked why he was in another Star Wars movie when he'd previously indicated he didn't like them.

              Could have been an off-hand jokish response from him and not entirely serious.

          Saying he was the highlight of The Force Awakens isn't the greatest point you can make. The movie was abysmal.

        Sorry sir, you are not permitted to use any opinions that we as the internet have not supplied you with. You are welcome to use your own opinion in the privacy of your own home, but we'd appreciate that you kept them off our premises. ^_-

      To be honest, with what has come out since, his return in the crystal skull and star wars wasn't terrible, it wasn't awesome, it was decent enough. I think they need to do better however, non of this stupid Alien whispering skull nonsense!

    As long as they don't have those stupid CGI monkeys from the last one I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Is there any Shia involved?

      Yeah because the cgi monkeys were totally the thing that ruined that film....

        Exactly what I've been trying to tell people all this time :P

      If they don't, I'm sure someone will produce a fan edit using this footage: https://vimeo.com/125095515

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    The only way I could see this working is if they do it "Young Indiana Jones" style. An old Harrison Ford talking bout the good old days, before it does a fade to a younger actor doing Indiana Jones stuff.

    And Nazis, they need Nazis.

      If Harrison was basically playing the type of role that Sean Connery played, then I think it could work. I thought Ford was mostly great in TFA, but he is getting old to be an action hero, but that could lead to a really great take on the Franchise.
      I kind of wish they would leave it alone, but if they get it right, it could be very cool.

        I thought that's what was supposed to happen with Crystal Skull, except Shia was horrible.

      In the previous film, it looked like they wanted Shia LaBeouf to take over as Indy's son. Given how that film was received though, that probably won't happen.

        Chris Pine would be totally perfect for that role though...

    Such a click bait article.

    The last one was a terrible movie, but it did entertain somewhat.
    With Disney at the reigns and the previous success of star wars and Marvel movies they couldn't fair any worse.

      How? The headline says they're making another Indiana Jones film and the article gives details about it.

      I'm not sure you understand what clickbait is.

        The title got me to click on it. See, click bait :p

    Eh, that movie wasn't as bad as everybody likes to freak out about.

    ergh pass on this, its a shame that the entire idea of another Indiana Jones fills me with dread especially after the travesty of the last one.. Aliens... seriously... wasn't even the worst part..

    So I'm guessing the title of this one will be "Indiana Jones: Secret of the aged care home"..

    Why is Ford on for this? He never shows anything for disdain for star Wars and Indiana Jones despite the fact he has to credit them for the fact he has a career. Maybe he's only agreed to it so they can kill the character off and make room for a replacement? I note Shia the Beef didn't make the casting cut, maybe they blame him for the crappiness of Crystal Skull?

      He actually has been really gracious about Star Wars lately, I think since the crash and TFA he really seems like a changed person. He was in great spirits at the Opera House last year.

        Fair enough, I haven't seen any recent news/interviews from him so I admit my perspective might need an update.

          Yeah he was surly as eff up until the crash, he is a different guy now.

    My face melted at the news.

      Sad thing is it would of melted without any news anyway, you should get that checked out.

      You shouldn't hav opened the Ark.

    Ford + Spielberg - Lucas? I think that's actually a winning formula!

    Hyperbole. I've seen way worse films than Crystal Skull and i suspect many others have, too. I'm kind of being wierded out by this constant need to define things dichotomously into "dumb" and "cool" where there is no definition for either, just an undefined personal preference and a herd mentality. Spielberg knows how to make movies, he just expected people to have a sense of humour. When he discovered people didn't and would rather speak in unison vaguely making some sort of point they couldn't articulte without making everything about plot and not the other 80 or so percent of the film, he likely recitified his approach for this one. Spielberg constantly spoke about the audience disdain for Skull, since he's not a massive idiot, he'll likely attempt to redeem himself and Indy in the eyes of the hyperbolic fan. I mean we have Shia swinging from vines like a monkey but we also have the monky brains scene and Short Round from Temple of Doom. One isn't inherently better than the other but the amount of rage generated by the first is insane.

      The Crystal Skull is a bad movie, and the Temple of Doom is a good movie. The reason why ToD is inherently better is because the gags are real, the plot is real, and the movie is "real". Let me elaborate. First off is the plot. IJ is about archaeology and religion/mysticism. Crystal Skull is about sci fi. That automatically means it won't work, but it's not just sci fi; it's bad sci fi. He finds a crate in a warehouse by "magnetism", a magnetism that also works on non-magnetic metals... which has absolutely zero scientific basis. He also survives a nuclear bomb at ground zero by being in a refrigerator at ground zero. The crystal skull itself is from an alien... but not just any alien. Aliens which can come back from the dead and traverse DIMENSIONS. The CS looks like a cheap prop, and is a very bastardized version of the real crystal skull... which is humanoid. How do you then explain the real crystal skull, if the other ones were from aliens? With the Ark of the Covenant, the Shankara Stones, and the Holy Grail... at least they were based on artifacts with some respect to a basis in reality in order to suspend disbelief. CS was not only an insult to IJ, but also to the audience. Prometheus did the "Chariot of the Gods" thing better, and that was a crap movie too.

      The gags work within the context of all of this. For ToD specifically, the actors are played off against one another. There's a lot of clever scenes like "Let me in! Let us out! Let me in!" and "Water! Water... WATER!!!!!!", and things like Short Round falling down to trip a guy so he grabs onto the mine cart so he can climb over him into it. It's FUN watching Indy and Willie be stubborn about each other. The food scene was visually entertaining with an escalating course of disgusting things. "Give me your hat." "Why?" *passes hat* "Because I'm going to puke in it!" *tug of war* You have Short Round and Indy both being friends and cheating at the card game, and then the feels of Indy hitting SR when he's under the black sleep of Kali. You have Indy reaching in at the last second just to rescue his hat. At the end you have Indy doing a noble deed by returning the VERY valuable stone to the village, whereas at the start he was trying to profit by getting a big diamond. It translates to a fun adventure. Short Round was an interesting character, and the same zaniness as the box on his foot translated well to the Goonies. You also don't have to like Goonies, but there's a lot of the same elements of visual gags.

      Going back to Crystal Skull. It's also slightly not fair to compare them... because ToD was the 2nd movie, and CS was the 4th. As a newer movie, you should hope that it would improve on the ones that came before it. I like ToD, but I like the Last Crusade more... LC was probably the best IJ movie to me. And that was a tough act to follow for CS. CS doesn't really have anything funny. I honestly can't think of ONE thing. I can think of more for other IJ movies. "We... are going... to die! ... >=[ " "I'm sorry son... they got us!". So the plot sucks... the gags suck... the actors were pretty dull, and what's left? Shia catching up to racing vehicles by Tarzan-ing with CGI monkeys? If that was a gag, it was terrible and lazy. Whether it was or not, it was just insulting. Lucas and Spielberg essentially did rape IJ for CS, and it's part of what makes the South Park episode funny. Some of the set designs, etc were okay... sand columns and water wheel mechanisms etc... but they were also a bit staged. The booby trap had very few large spikes and lots of water so even if they fell off the retracting stairs, there was a very good chance of survival.

      Harrison Ford can still act, as shown in the Force Awakens. I'm just hoping that Spielberg nails the 5th installment. It's still a hard act to follow, with the quality of the first 3 movies, but it could definitely be okay.

    As much as I liked the franchise of Indiana Jones the Crystal skull was properly the worse one I've seen ... is Shia le'boof' coming back for this one as well as his son?

      Have you actually watched Temple of Doom? The humour fails, the kid and love interest are incredibly annoying, and the story is flat.

        I've watched them all, mind you I watched the first 3 when I was like 10-15 year old, temple of doom scared the be-esues out of me at the time, now I watch and it like ... .meh.... still better then Crystal skull.

    Crystal Skull > Temple of Doom.

    Why do people struggle to accept aliens but think a magic box, a magic gem and a magic cup are fine? And if you consider the years each of the movie are set, by the time of the cold war, aliens is the big thing and no longer magic artifacts (unless they are of alien origin).
    It had its weak parts (ie Shia LeBouf), but it had a lot of good bits as well, but because it had aliens and Indy marrying his on true love (and Shia) a lot hated it for that.

    I haven't seen a single Indiana Jones movie, yet I feel like I've seen them all because of the amounts of parodies I've witnessed throughout the years.

    The entire musical score. Grabbing a treasure and replacing it with something of equal weight. Running away from a spherical boulder. Nazis dying horrifically. The sword vs gun scene. Joke about working part-time as a teacher.

    Do I really need to watch them? I don't feel like I'd be missing anything if I didn't...

    So why does Lucas cop the rap for Crystal Skull but not Spielberg?

    And for the love of all that is good keep Shia LeBeof away

      watch the making of, youll see why then.

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