Uncharted 4 Delayed Another Two Weeks

Uncharted 4 Delayed Another Two Weeks

Uncharted 4 will now be out on May 10, two weeks later than previously announced. This is the third delay for Naughty Dog's latest, which will mark the end to Nathan Drake's adventures.


    Oh crap, 2 weeks before Mirror's Edge Catalyst... I was hoping for a nice open field for Mirror's Edge to flourish in, not a field with a Rhino rampaging through it.

      hey will probably end up being delayed too though...

      Uncharted won't take you longer than 2 weeks unless you are very time poor or deliberately stretch it out I don't think.

        It's still going to steal a lot of the mindshare in the leadup to release. If you accept that advertising for Uncharted will continue in at least the week of release, including website reviews etc, you are only going to have a week at most of 'clear air' for Mirror's Edge. Then there's the issue of budget stretching to two new release games in a short space of time. I think the effect on Mirror's Edge will be significant (although certainly not as bad as, say, Rise of the Tomb Raider with Fallout 4).

          Ah so you mean more for Mirror's Edge 2 sales numbers? Yeah and then EA will probably throw up their hands again and say "See, nobody wants to play different games, back to Battlefield 10."

    Take your time Naughty Dog, take your time! Make it as good as you can possibly make it, I will wait patiently.
    (Probably just making sure to scrub all the remaining Assassins Creed art out of the game.)

      Assassin's Creed art, did I miss something?


    Looks like my PS4 purchase has also been delayed by 2 weeks.

      Me too, unfortunately this just pushes it too close to my US holiday, so I may actually investigate whether it's feasible to buy a PS4 while I'm in NYC... I wonder if the exchange rate is even halfway decent...

    Still struggling to get it close to a stable 30fps. Prepare for enormous backlash when it finally releases & doesn't look anywhere as good as the trailers.

    Just delay it by two months, then release it earlier if it is done.

    Are we sure it's the final Uncharted? I'd always assumed that the "thief's end" in the subtitle referred to Scully, not Drake.

      Naughty Dog refers to it as the end of Nathan Drake's story so maybe not the end of Uncharted but it'll be the end for Drake. That said Scully's actual death would be a game changer for Drake.

    Combing the game for ripped off art work clearly.

    As long as Ratchet & Clank arrives on time!

    More time to play dark souls 3. I see this as a win.

    They are fine tuning some more barely interactive set pieces and annoying characters.

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