A Wacky Wheels Remake Just Launched On Steam

Back when Nintendo gamers were frothing over the launch of Mario Kart, PC gamers missed out. But before too long they got something that was almost as good as Mario Kart: Wacky Wheels.

A few years ago 3D Realms reached an agreement with a developer to license out the IP for a new game. That new game has emerged in the form of a HD reboot, which is available right now on Steam.

Wacky Wheels HD launched on Early Access earlier today for US$10. It won’t be a pre-release build for long though: developers Ferocity 2D say the goal is to release the game in June, around one month after online multiplayer is implemented.

The game is currently “feature complete outside of online play”, with the Grand Prix, duck shoot, combat and time trial modes currently available. The Grand Prix was the only mode I really played in the original anyway; the multiplayer battle mode was about as dross as the battle mode in Mario Kart.

You’ll also be able to mod the game, which could result in some interesting face-offs between characters from other franchises. (As modders are apt to do.)

The latest trailer isn’t on YouTube yet, although it’s up on Steam and you can view it here.

Wacky Wheels’ release now is interesting, because it basically pitches the game up against Super Indie Karts. The latter is an Australian project that needed a couple of goes on Kickstarter before it was successful, but in practice the two games are trying to achieve the same thing.

Either way, the launch has gotten me thinking about Wacky Wheels again. I’m pretty sure it’s sitting in my GOG library somewhere. When was the last time you played Wacky Wheels — and what were your favourite kart racers on PC?

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