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Back when Nintendo gamers were frothing over the launch of Mario Kart, PC gamers missed out. But before too long they got something that was almost as good as Mario Kart: Wacky Wheels.

A few years ago 3D Realms reached an agreement with a developer to license out the IP for a new game. That new game has emerged in the form of a HD reboot, which is available right now on Steam.


I'm a bit of sucker for arcade racing games. As someone who can't drive because I freak out behind the wheel, there's something cathartic about flying around a track at light speed in an anti-gravity ship, or tearing up a pool table in an RC car. And sometimes just shooting the SUV in front of you is a great way to pass 20 minutes or so.

If you're like me, you'll be pleased to know there's an offer available through Bundle Stars that tickles this exact itch for the less than princely sum of $1.49. Bad news: you've got less than a day to take advantage.


I like to keep an eye on bundles that pop up on various third-party sites, because every now and again you'll find a hidden gem. The discounts are often great, even if the quality of the games aren't.

But the latest offering from Bundle Stars is a little too tempting not to bite at. 41 games for less than $7.