Coca-Cola Continues To Dip Their Feet In The Pool Of Esports

The legendary soft drink maker has been involved with esports for a while, but they’re looking to expand according to a new job posting.

Image credit: Riot Games

The company’s social media channel for esports has been active for a while, but they’ve recently come back into the conversation after tweeting for an opening as a project manager for esports.

According to the Randstad listing, the job is with Coca Cola’s Gaming division and will run for a period of six months. That’s not so interesting, but the intriguing part is the events the company wants to take part in.

The job responsibilities include:

Event management: Supervise the agency workflow to deliver a best of class brand experience and stimulate social conversation at events such as League of Legends World Championship, FIFA Interactive World Cup, Coca-Cola Game-a-Thon and Coke eSports Cinema Viewing Parties.

The applicant will also be producing a bi-annual internal newsletter about the potential of gaming, as well as using a range of internal and external data to analyse the future esports market for “insightful guidance to business decisions”.

Coca-Cola’s presence in the world of esports has been ongoing for a couple of years. The soft drink partnered with Riot Games in 2014 to run viewing parties for the developer’s major tournaments. The corporation hold a Game-a-Thon competition in late 2014, an exhibition with four professional gamers competing for charity.

The charity event hasn’t happened since then, although the job posting makes it clear that it will return before the end of the year.

What’s intriguing here is how it illustrates the approach more and more companies are taking to gaming, and esports. It’s increasingly common for big business to have an “esports strategy”, an approach on how to capture the growing eyeballs and dollars being funnelled through the world of professional gaming and streaming.

Red Bull has already leveraged the personal brands of various pro-gamers for their marketing machine, and if the growth of titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike continues, it might not be too long before the iconic drink starts appearing on billboards alongside gamers too.

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