Crucial Says PC Gaming Is Better Because That Totally Won’t Make Them Money

When you work in the world of video games and technology you’re destined to get press releases. Some of them can be useful. Most of them are the equivalent of white noise. And then you get things that are just plain weird.

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Early this morning, Crucial decided to announce to the whole wide world that “the gaming debate is over” — and that the PC is by far and away the most superior platform.

You know, the platform that Crucial exclusively makes and markets products for.

But rather than simply saying you could have a more broader gaming experience with fewer restrictions and greater pixels, Crucial has obnoxiously decided to insult console gamers instead.

“It’s true that consoles are simple and easy to use, but what’s more fun to drive, a commuter car or a sports car? Commuter cars are basic, but sports cars have more power — that’s the difference between consoles and PCs,” Mathew Luu, APAC marketing manager for Micron Consumer Products Group, said.

Sure. Most PCs have substantially better hardware than consoles, if you’re willing to spend a fraction. That glosses over the whole aspect of how developers can often talk to the hardware in consoles on a far lower level than they can on PC. (Mind you, that is changing somewhat with DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and it’s a whole other topic for another time.)

But better hardware doesn’t automatically create a better experience — and it certainly doesn’t mean games on consoles and the people who play them aren’t as hardcore. That’s a little too nuanced for Crucial, though.

“The way Crucial sees it the usual console ‘advantages’ are actually disadvantages as consoles are simple and designed for recreational gamers, but that’s no secret to serious gamers.”

As someone who spent decades predominately playing games on PC, it’s worth pointing out that the platform also has many excellent multiplayer games utterly ruined by cheats. There are tons of games that simply don’t work as advertised. There are plenty of games that simply aren’t playable because the audience isn’t there. And let’s not talk about bugs spawned from new drivers or operating systems.

The whole release, as you’d expect, is a shameless plug for Crucial’s hardware. They’re even honest enough to admit it outright, in the hope that people will talk more about their products.

But I’m not going to do that. Because you can promote your offerings without flipping the bird at millions of gamers who have done nothing wrong. You can sell a hard drive or a RAM module without being derogatory to the people who discovered and continue to enjoy gaming through endless hours in front of a TV and a console.

And you can do it without playing into the obnoxious premise that one gamer is better than another because of the platform they choose to play on. The internet is filled with enough of that absurd bullshit already.

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