The New Day Just Entered Wrestlemania In Dragonball Cosplay

The New Day Just Entered Wrestlemania In Dragonball Cosplay

Yes, this is Wrestlemania. Yes, this is Xavier Woods’ New Day making their entrance in full-blown Dragonball cosplay. Out of a giant, assy box of cereal.

An entrance for the ages. Shame, then, that they lost their tag team titles to League of Nations.


  • I don’t think the match was for the titles (late change by creative i believe), also SPOILERS!!!!

      • That is what i thought, loved how the WWE just had no comment whatsoever as to why they changed that as well (unless i missed something).

  • Oh for God’s sake, I’m watching this when I get home from work.. do you think you could’ve taken a few damn seconds to slip a spoiler warning in before the match result? I mean it’s not like it slipped your mind while you were spending so long writing such a comprehensive article.. you took a gif, a few sentences and ruined the whole goddamn result with your stupidity. Spoiler warnings are just decorum. How about some thought for those of us who aren’t able to sit at work watching ‘Mania and spoiling results for everyone else?

    • Would it not be common sense to avoid clicking an article about the event that you don’t want spoiled? Easier to blame other people though isn’t it.

      • Well I don’t think he needs to mention the result of the match seeing as this article is about their sweet entrance. Common sense or not.

        • Exactly. The article title was about the entry, and funnily enough, I expected the content of the ‘article’ to address the same, not to drop the result without any warning in the very last sentence.

          • Surely you would have looked at the gif and title and thought “Shit, that’s spoilers about the entrance!” and not read the ret of it?

          • Yeah the same thing happened to me when some guy did a story a little while back on indy guys taking over the WWE and just passes over the fact that Lucha Underground crowned Matanza as its new champ before season 2 had even started

    • sorry bro. spoiler decorum is not a thing. its just something that self entitled people think about.
      its the same reason i dont watch trailers for movies i really want to see, i dont click articles that contain things that interest me or that i have been waiting for.

      • At Gizmodo and Lifehacker, we’ve written a lot about how to avoid all kinds of spoilers, using apps and tricks of the trade, whether we’re talking about sports scores, tech rumours, or dweebs on social media who want to kill the fun for everyone. Big sites will bend over backwards to fight against piracy — and they should, since it’s illegal — but studios and artists don’t want their work spoiled for fans. Tech companies should approach spoiler-proofing their services with the same vigour as they do with pirated content removal.


        tech companies need to take more responsibility with the spoilers floating around their services: Give users more tools to avoid posts with certain words, titles, or phrases in them, and give people easy-to-use features they can use to hide posts they might find unpleasant — whether it’s spoilers or otherwise. Only when companies realise that spoilers negatively affect user experience will they take spoiler bomb drops seriously.

        Sure, you can’t avoid spoilers everywhere, but you can sure as hell avoid posting spoilers at the end of an article with no warning or lead-up.

        • its not the responsibility of the journalist writing an article to protect someone from getting upset over and article. im not the type of ass to go out of my way to spoil stuff for others because i do believe in the magic of a first time experience, but on that same token, i dont appreciate spoilers either, hence my sensitivity to articles containing anything remotely linked to a topic that could or could not have spoiler content.
          i still think the responsibility lies with the reader. a journalists job is to report things.
          i have guys that i work closely with that are HUGE NBA fans and have subscriptions for the season to watch in online. but when they work and sleep during the NBA games, they avoid net browsing sites that are likely to have results, they avoid looking up things NBA related until they can view the game for them selves, they know that the spoiled news are out there, so they take precautions to ensure they get full enjoyment out of the experience when they watch the game for the first time 12 hours after its actually been broadcast and reported on.

          • You must work in IT, always blame the end user.

            Luke didn’t need to post the outcome of a LIVE event. This was a click bait article at best “HEY COME AND SEE THIS CRAZY THING” He reposts a twitter and puts the outcome of the match and the end of the article like a throw away comment, pretty poor form in my humble opinion.

            Yes I agree people should be weary of articles of live events (common sense) but I still think Luke didn’t need to say the outcome for such a brief “article”.

          • this world is very good at blaming other people and not taking responsibility for their own actions. im included in that category in some areas. i agree this website uses click bait articles. but where does the blame buck stop?

            maybe we just stick to the old saying “if you dont have anything positive to say, dont say it at all”

          • As someone who’d never actually watch it, I was curious if the Saiyans would have won or not. I appreciate knowing that the Earth was saved.

            For those who did want to watch it, I don’t see why you’d read *any* article about it. If for example, the next Episode of Archer had a Mario joke, I’d skip the article because I wouldn’t want any spoilers at all.

  • I thought wrestling was bizarre back in the 90s when Mankind was fighting people with a sock puppet. This is some Dadaist level stuff right here.

    • Funnily enough Mankind (well, Mick Foley) was involved in this match. But these guys are just huge anime and video game fans in real life and Xavier has his own really good gaming youtube channel, so for big events like this they kind of do cosplay shit.

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