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Xavier Woods and his New Day WWE tag team may have failed to regain the tag titles in the squared circle at last weekend's Clash of Champions, but Woods fared much better a few days before in some 2-on-2 Windjammers competition.

The WWE star hopped in the Northeast Championship fighting game tournament, and with his trademark hype levels, he decimated the playing field alongside the world's most skilled digital disc-thrower.


Recently, the pro wrestler Big E tweeted a picture of himself, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Sasha Banks and Rich Swann holding their respective WWE championship belts with the caption, "#BlackExcellence." While wrestling is staged, having this many black champions at once is still an accomplishment, and marking the occasion with a photo is appropriate. But to some fans the hashtag, and the idea of celebrating something along racial lines, was a problem.


WWE tag team champion Xavier Woods does not fit people's stereotypical preconceptions of what a professional wrestler is. He's got a Master's degree in psychology and is currently working towards earning his PhD. He's really into comic books and cosplay. And he spends hours playing video games on the road, in hotel rooms and at the arenas before Raw and Smackdown go live. He's also a gaming YouTuber.