WWE Star Spends Precious Airtime On Very Relatable PS4 Storage Issue

WWE Star Spends Precious Airtime On Very Relatable PS4 Storage Issue

“I’m thankful for my 2TB hard drive, so that I don’t have to delete Spider-Man in order to download Red Dead 2,” WWE wrestler Xavier Woods said during a Thanksgiving segment on the Smackdown wrestling TV show last night.

You can see him make that statement, which garnered an “amen” from one of the show’s announcers and a “nerd!” from another, in a clip captured and posted to Reddit by u/FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo.

Woods’ statement isn’t that surprising because a) he’s known to be really into video games (as we’ve told you), b) his act, The New Day, long ago earned the creative licence to say whatever they want on TV, and c) anyone who has had to juggle the gargantuan application files for this season’s big releases surely would be ebullient about finding a way to not have to drop any of them.

Seriously. How many PS4 owners with 500GB or 1TB drives haven’t had to delete something to make room for the 98.15GB Red Dead Redemption 2? With its expansions, Spider-Man clocks in at 63.95GB.

Xbox One owners surely also have these storage woes. And then there’s those of us squeezing clowns into a car on Switch.


  • I installed a 2TB drive in my PS4 when I first bought it and only just recently got to the point where I didn’t want to delete any of the games I had installed so I bought a 4TB external drive. It should hopefully be a while before I hit the point of having to delete games again. Well, assuming games stop getting towards hundreds of GB in size…

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