Fallout 4's Next DLC Drops April 12, Lets You Collect Monsters Like Pokémon

Introducing Wasteland Workshop, a Fallout 4 DLC that lets you make your settlements more homey. Assuming, of course, your idea of "home" means building better death traps for your settlers, or having the ability to collect cats and Deathclaws.


    April 12th? You mean "prepare to die" day right?

    I've got bad news for you Bethesda:

    That's Dark Souls 3 day

      They have already suckered everybody in with a season pass so it actually doesn't matter. Could actually work well as it gives them some time to patch after a few people have played it

    Thing I'm most excited over sadly is that garden plot, looks incredibly useful and tidy way to set up your farm.

    But yeah... Dark Souls 3... hopefully by the time I'm done with it the Survival mode beta will be finished and I can sink my teeth into the game anew.

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    Damn April 12th. Division patch, Dark Souls 3, Ratchet & Clank, Destiny patch and now this? Should have put in for holidays....

    Anyone else is stitches when they saw Preston in a cage match with a Deathclaw? No? Just me?

      Didn't even notice it was Preston, just figured it was a player character or a settler who refused to get out of your power armor.. definitely more entertaining now.

        would of been way better if it had been Marcy Long or Mama Murphy.. basically any of them except for Sturges because hes cool

      you KNOW people are going to now create arenas just to throw Preston in and watch him get his buttocks handed to him over and over XD

      "What's that a settlement needs me?" Throws Preston into a cage full of every monster I can find. "Don't you mean YOU need a settlement?" *cackle*

      The Deathclaw was actually completely docile. That is until Preston showed up and started telling the Deathclaw that another settlement needed help, then it just snapped.

    I get the feeling that they’re going to keep rolling stuff like this out and continue turning Fallout 4 into a Fallout themed, Minecraft style sandbox.
    I’m assuming they’ve done some kind of research and determined that more of this kind of stuff is what people want, which makes me wonder about the future of the series.

    While I enjoyed the collecting/ building for a while it’s also kinda pointless (not to mention clunky and broken), if it were up to me I’d be putting out extra missions and stories that actually branch.

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      It detracted from the story for me and was part of the reason i ejected disk and went back to the Witcher 3... I decided Id finish the last act and get back to Fallout 4 but i just havent ventured back yet - it all seems like too much hard work

        I was on the last act of the Witcher 3 when Fallout launched, and I decided to put it down because I knew I’d rush through Witcher if I tried to finish before I could started Fallout. I played right through Fallout over the space of a month (my other half broke her ankle so I was home a lot) and then went back and finished the Witcher (funnily, it only took me about 3 more hours). The two are day and night in terms of depth and polish.

        You couldn’t be more right about the sandbox elements detracting from Fallout 4 as an experience either. The story in that game was paper thin, the only character who I found at all likable or interesting was Valentine and by the time I finished I had zero interest in continuing to play.

        I picked the Institute and I still have no f*cking idea what their point was or what I achieved through helping them. Their goal was “science” and they saw the Brotherhood as threat. That’s the entire story. There were no layers, no surprises or twists… I kept waiting for the moment when I’d find out that the synths had some kind of deeper point aside from “surveillance” or that there’d be some kind of conspiracy that had been hidden from me….. but it never came. The story finished and the other members were like “it’s up to YOU to determine the future now”….. and that’s it…. I think I’ll go and collect some more tin cans.

        The sandbox elements were also broken and pointless. I spent HOURS building 5-6 good settlements and I don’t think I ever unlocked a single quest of any interest beyond clearing ghouls and rescuing hostages….. which repeated over and over. Beyond that my settlements got attacked 4-5 times in a 100 hour playthrough with zero consequences.

        I booted up the game or the first time in a few months last week. Tried to do a quest from my PipBoy for Tinker Tom which I though was weird because I was sure I’d killed him. Did the quest, followed the map indicator back to his dead body, confirmed that the quest was broken and then turned it off.

        It’ll take a damn good piece of DLC for me to consider paying more to go back.

          I found my issue with fallout 4 was more the fact that it was just fallout 3 version 2.0 but set in reverse when it came to the story and quite a few other things such as lack of weapons and poor balance with weapons, many characters are almost carbon copies of previous fallout 3 characters ( the roach king is back but has a different name that means the same thing) then with automatron we get the mechanist, sure different person but the suit and weapon is the exact same just higher poly count and textures that im suprised we werent working for the Antagoniser. and Im worried that Far Harbour is just going to be Point Lookout 2.0 ie deathclaws and supermutants replace with hillbillies and a fuck load more lovecraft bullshit

    I will be happy when they finally release the damn creation kit so people can get to work improving all the stuff that sorely needs it.

      it's obvious why theyre not releasing the CK.
      Look at Automatron and now this shit fest.

    because this couldn't have been in game from launch.
    Modders have already done this shit and better.

      @anoteros agreed. I am a little bit meh about this "DLC" considering that everything showcased is already available in some way shape or form. The only thing "new" is the collection of monsters...but I'm not actually sure anyone wanted that from a Mod anyway....

      This feels more like an over glorification of a mod, rather than a true DLC...

    Got excited... then remembered it division patch day :(

    Bethesda has been real shady with this game so far. They have waited to release the Creation Kit clearly to hope people buy the DLCs instead. As a fan I refuse to buy the DLCs until they release the Creation Kit. I also agree this could of easily been put into the main game. This is the type of stuff that is killing open world games and has people running to mobile games.

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