If Future Link Gets Sick Of Navi, He Can Just Remove Her Batteries

If Future Link Gets Sick Of Navi, He Can Just Remove Her Batteries

Dayshot: In the far future depicted in this fan art, Link likely has an easier time dealing with Navi’s nagging. Who is now a robot. That can most likely be turned off. Isn’t the future great? Drone Navi and Future Link are the products of the imagination of Magnus Norén, an artist from Sweden. Here they are in their full glory:

Norén also did a “sci-fi/space opera-inspired” version of Zelda. The glowy pauldrons and circlet remind me of the omni-tool from Mass Effect. Pretty neat:

You can find more of Norén’s art here, on Artstation.

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  • Man, I’d play the hell out of that. And I haven’t played a Zelda since Twilight Princess on Gamecube (Which was great)

  • …..
    Never would I have dreamt of Zelda in the sci-fi setting. I’ve seen steampunk, I’ve seen dark and edgy, but none of them have excited me as much as this concept. Maybe it’s because I’m dying for the next Mass Effect but Zelda in space just seems like a really, really amazing spin off.

    Although honestly, I would perfectly happy if Nintendo would just give us a new 3D Metroid with more of a world (pun unintended, world in this case referring to Metroid’s universe) to explore. Or hell, Star Fox. *sigh* I just want some new stories from Nintendo again.

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