Kerbal Space Program Gets Its First Big Update Since Release

Kerbal Space Program Gets Its First Big Update Since Release

“Turbo Charged” is the name of the 1.1 update for Kerbal Space Program, the space rocket building/kerbal murdering sim released in late April last year. After a year’s worth of development, and a short hype-filled pre-release period this past couple months, the update is now fully released. Taken from the KSP discussion thread accompanying the official announcement, here’s a short blurb describing the major features of the update:

It feels like Christmas in April: after working on our major update for almost a year we’re ready to show you the fruits of our labour. Kerbal Space Program is “Turbo Charged” by the release of patch 1.1!

The update to Unity 5 means that the game’s performance has increased all-round, both on high end and low end machines you’ll notice the difference immediately. The game engine update also allows us to officially support 64 bit binaries for Windows and OSX, which will no doubt prove to be a huge boost to those of you who like to play with (many) mods.

Aside from the engine update we’ve taken the opportunity to rework our user interface, both to increase the game’s performance and to add many new details and small tweaks to improve your experience while playing the game. We’ve also added in a number of completely new features such as the KSPedia reference guide, rewrote our tutorials, added new scenarios and included a number of new parts for you to play around with.

The update is now available on the KSP Store, Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party reseller.

For more details, including the enormous full changelog, make sure to check out the discussion thread’s OP.

Since 1.1’s release, the game has been 40 per cent off on Steam, and will remain so until April 22. Might be a good time to jump in, in case you haven’t yet, or to dust off that Steam download if you have.

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    • I trust many Kerbals died to bring us this information? No? Then just start murdering Kerbals, I’ll tell you when to stop…

      • lol I used to make rockets in this, and load it up with as many kerbals as possible in seats on the outside, just to eject them miles up… and watch them fall. Poor little suckers lol. But damn the games so much fun! The mods are insane!

          • Jeb will NEVER die on my watch! I always make sure he’s in the capsule with the 3 parachutes attached and the extra thruster to cushion its landing lol

        • It is an amazingly fun game to play and watch (Scott Manly on YouTube), my wife also finds it funny how much I invest in the game and the number of times I have crashed or blown up after hours of planning.

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