New DOOM Includes Awesome Secret For Old School Fans

New DOOM Includes Awesome Secret For Old School Fans

If you’re paying close attention to every level of the new DOOM, you might stumble upon something very cool. Spoilers ahead, obviously! Again, if you don’t want to have this DOOM secret spoiled ahead of release, stop reading.


Bethesda Softworks and id Software have finally started showing off the singleplayer portion of next month’s DOOM, which looks fast ‘n bloody. (If you missed the lengthy reveal, there’s an archive on YouTube.)

The developers recently sat down with IGN and revealed a cool secret, too. In each stage, there’s a hidden lever. Once that level is pulled, a door opens somewhere in the stage. Find that door, step inside and….

New DOOM Includes Awesome Secret For Old School Fans

Yep, you’ll be fighting through classic DOOM levels, complete with old art. Though the weapons and enemies are from the new game, the creatures have been placed in their original spawning spots. It’s a nice touch!

Some levels will even include the original music, too.

Watch the whole video here:

This has become pretty standard for these games in the Bethesda age, though. Rage included a bunch of old school rooms, as did Wolfenstein.

Though I’m still not sure what to make of the new DOOM, I’m pulling for it. Wolfenstein was a welcomed surprise, so maybe DOOM’s revival will be, too.



    Please tell me the old cheat codes return. It’s just not DOOM without these goddamn codes.

    Also I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever been so conflicted over a game. So excited by single player and so dreading the multi…

    • Doom’s MP has always been pretty superficial though, it was the community that made it great.

      If it delivers a solid SP game I’ll be happy.

      • Doom in general has always been superficial as hell. It just needs decent maps, arena style gameplay and the weapons scattered everywhere with the ability to gather them all instead of this ‘class’ rubbish. Every single player should be on an equal footing with each other.

    • The developers know how difficult it is to type things in on consoles, so they have helpfully made each of the classic cheat codes available as DLC.

    • I dunno, I think it’ll be fun… not lasting, but will be fun for a little while. Am hoping single player will be good too, but from seeing this I’m kinda hopeful.

      Also… i still have no idea how I remember these codes, I used cheat codes a lot with the old school games, but Doom is the only one that I remember.

  • Just like Wolfenstein – I wouldnt have expected anything less!!! But those nightmare levels got so annoying! I had forgotten what its like to navigate around an area where everything looks the same! lol

  • The lighting is all wrong in that doom section. Couldn’t copy the lighting while they were at it?

  • I preferred the implementation of old-school as seen in the recent Shadow Warrior release. Not a fan of old Wolf and Doom, they made me feel so queasy back when I was playing them.

  • That is very cool 🙂 i’m actually kind of excited for the game, whilte I wasn’t overly impressed with the MP, I did enjoy it, but the SP is actually starting to look pretty decent!

  • Gaming has gone too far. You can play Doom on a piano, an Apple Watch and now you can play it on Doom.

  • is the secret that everything they’ve shown of this abomination so far is all a clever troll and that the real game is going to be amazing?

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