Podcast: Final Fantasy XV Has Our Hopes Up

Podcast: Final Fantasy XV Has Our Hopes Up

Everyone is sick on this week's JRPG-packed episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, but hey, that's just part of the fun. Today we're talking about Final Fantasy XV and the newest demo, which isn't so great as a standalone experience but makes for a tantalising taste of what's coming later this year. (God I hope it's good.) We also talk Trails of Cold Steel, Dark Souls III, Bravely Second, the disappointing new Destiny update and the even more disappointing new Division update. Plus: a great vomit story!

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    Yeah, I am seeing a lot of mixed opinions on XV. Personally, platinum was bad at everything except being a tech demo. Driving is horrible and clunky, the combat system in platinum has some improvements over Episode Duncan, but feels flat. I enjoyed the spur of the moment decisions in Duncan, and toppling Catoblepas and landing a killing blow was a long slog at level 47,but oh boy was it worth it once I figured out its defense patterns and started being able to pull off ludicrously last second attacks just so I could get that last little bit of damage in(I haven't obtained Ramuh yet to remove temptation but for me to go without Armiger, you guys are insane to expect that shit. I think the only other boss I ever fought that long against Was Yiazmat, but it gave me save points mid fight), and some audio issues, but the graphics look nice, the music is excellent, and I might be warming up to Noct a little bit. Especially since there is going to be anime and a movie to give me more exposition on this world. Speaking of, I am curious how it will be in a world where natural magic is rare, it's almost like a tweak of the tale of XII but less "fantasy" and how using magic is not without its downsides.

    I am curious about this army of robots I am given infinite opportunities to kill, love how you level up when at rest now.

    Well I could go on about it for fucking ages

    it looks like shit on both consoles, too stereotypish and too queer bait.

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