Podcast: Final Fantasy Never Left

Lots of people are saying Final Fantasy is back. Those people should go play Final Fantasy XIV. Still, FFXV is pretty good, and we're talking about it on today's Kotaku Splitscreen.

On today's show, we dig deep into the adventures of Noctis, Prompto, Ignis and Richard. We talk about what we like about Final Fantasy XV, what we don't like and how the game is way greater than the sum of its parts. We also touch on the impressive new No Man's Sky update and talk a bit about this spring's apparent AAA decline.

You can listen to this week's episode on iTunes or Google Play. Or find it directly right here. (MP3 download here.)


    FF14 is an MMORPG. Not everybody can play it or want to play a multiplayer game. Plus, the story was pretty weak.

    They're mostly talking about how it's been over 10 years since a good FF game. FF13 was terrible, FF12 was good but the story was really weak. FF11 was a MMORPG and released at a time where even less people could play it. Opinions on FF10 are split. FF9 was really the last great FF game that the majority agrees on.


      I don't even know what it is about XV that has me so glued to the screen like I was with with X and earlier.

      One thing I can't get over is the beautiful landscapes. The marriage between modern architecture/infrastructure and the more grand Final Fantasy sights is amazing.

      One second your driving on any road you can find on Earth, the next a massive mountain or object like nothing in our world appears.
      Very effective

      Even 12 had lost some of the final fantasy charm, if I recall it didn't have things like unique weapons for each class and it had MMORPG style combat that required very little strategy compared to earlier games.

      Last edited 03/12/16 3:54 am

        Wasn't even that. I just found the gambit system annoying and the game basically played itself.

        What was my role in the interaction other than pressing forward on the stick?

        I actually might try 15 but I'm waiting for it to wind up in the bargain bin first as I don't wish to be burned again like I was with 13.

          Oh yeah the gambit system was awful, I remember levelling to max level by putting a lackey band on my analogue stick then going to bed.

            Hehehehe. I think to read your post a couple of times before I remembered what a lackey band was! I have not heard that term in over a decade, :)

            The Final Fantasy brand has just gone all over the place. Maybe Sqaure-Enix should let the series rest for a while and try something different.

            Like say ... a sequel to Chrono Cross?!

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