Shhh, April’s Mythical Pokémon Is Sleeping

Shhh, April’s Mythical Pokémon Is Sleeping

Now that we’ve finished celebi-ting the third month of the year-long celebration of 20 years of Pokémon, it’s time to kick back, relax and maybe sleep for a thousand years. Jirachi month is chill, yo.

It’s a good year for Pokémon toy collectors, with The Pokémon Company and Tomy teaming up to deliver a different set of Mythical Pokémon products every month. January kicked off with Pikachu, available all year ’round. February we had Mew, or at least the other collectors did. I missed her. I did not miss Celebi in March, though I did miss the special distribution event in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and X and Y.

And now we have Jirachi.

Along with a distribution event going on until April 24 and a special Pokémon Trading Card Game set, Jirachi gets a pair of collectible toys, one plush and one Pokéball figure combo.

The figure comes packaged with a Premier Ball, unless I’ve got my balls mixed up, and will stand up on its own just barely as long as you don’t breathe on it.

Last month’s Celebi at least got a stand.

Awww, that’s so sweet.

Oh wait, nevermind.

The figure has trouble standing, which is sort of in character for a creature that’s only awake for something like seven days every 1000 years. It’s amazing the plushie even has its eyes open.

I found the best solution is to use the ball from the smaller figure to prop up the plush. Being a Steel/Psychic Jirachi is a bit heavier than most, so it takes a steady hand.

And with all things Pokémon, it’s always better with friends.

The Jirachi toys are EB Games and Zing exclusives (only EB Games if you’re in New Zealand), but with plenty of time before month’s end you should be able to grab a couple when the hardcore collectors aren’t looking.

Next month’s Pokémon, Darkrai, will also be an EB Games exclusive. #DontPreorderPokemon


  • Whats with all the Zing shops popping up all over the place anyway? its pretty over priced in there too 🙁

    • Yeah, the company that owns EB Games also owns this new Zing garbage that’s been popping up everywhere. So Expect everything to be overpriced. Support your local comic book or geek shops by all means. because I don’t wont this Zing thing to actually hang around any longer than a year or two.

  • I went and picked up a Pikachu for my son as we’ve recently been watching Pokemon on Netflix and he’s fallen in love with him. I just picked up the only one they had in store and she asked if I wanted to pre order the next one. Never been asked that about a plush toy before.

  • All I care about is when the next Generations pack is coming out. I swear i’m going to down over $1000 into pokemon cards this year.

  • I found my Mew, Celebi and Jirachi all last weekend (10th April). Granted I had to travel over 240km to get there and back again. I now have 3 very cute plushes 😛

  • I like plush toys and I usually make orders on, thanks for your sharing!

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