You Can Now Pick Up The Legendary Pokémon Mew At EB Games

As part of Pokémon's 20th anniversary, Nintendo are giving out a number of codes for you to get the mythical Pokémon Mew in your Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire game. While the deal is meant to last through February, numbers are limited so you'll have to get in quick.

While the deal has been confirmed for North America, official sources in Australia have been a little more hush hush on whether Mew will be coming down under. Official comments on the EB Games Facebook page have confirmed today that you will be able to pick one up in stores this February, however.

While the event starts today, the first of a year's worth of Nintendo's Monthly Mythical Pokémon Distribution, EB Games stores might not yet be stocked with the cards. If you've got your heart set on a Mew, it's worth calling in to your local store to see when they will get the cards in.

If the distribution schedule for the rest of the year follows North America's, these are the other Pokémon to keep an eye out for through the rest of the year:

March — Celebi April — Jirachi May — Darkrai June — Manaphy July — Shaymin August — Arceus September — Victini October — Keldeo November — Genesect December — Meloetta


    I know both Melbourne stores didn't get their codes this morning and they probably won't have them until this afternoon.

    Why not just use wifi gift again? limited codes just sounds like a lot of people will miss out.

    I guess you could always spend five bucks and get one from the scumbag resellers on eBay, but thats just a terrible system.

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      It sounds like other Pokemon will be given away over the Nintendo network later in the year, but maybe they wanted to make Mew more limited edition?

        Hoopa, which was January's promo, that used codes aswell, unsure if it was a limited run though,

          It was, I missed out as the EB I went to didn't have any left

            if you want a code I have a spare you can have.

              If edc doesn't get back to you, I'd appreciate that code.

                1: E54Z9S5T9

                  Awesome, thanks. I was wondering how you could somewhat securely send a code here, and that was a very creative solution. Nice one. :)

              That would be amazing!

                1: E54Z9SNGP

                  So I sent the codes in 2 parts, join them together and they should work :)

                  Has any one got a spare new code or know of any stores that still have them?

              I just missed the event, do you have a code? That would be so appreciated :D

                Hey man, had a week off- the codes say redeem before the 15th but E54Z9R7MKLJZ7AKC - Good luck, hope it works for you :)

                  Hey, I don't want to sound greedy or anything but do you happen to have another code? I've missed the Hoopa event and I seriously think I may miss this Mew one as well. Sorry!

              can i have one plz

    There's meant to be a limited edition plush each month to go on sale alongside the code, NFI if Australia gets those though.

      EB/Zing are supposed to be getting them too, might not've got them in yet either though.

        Looks like it's on EB's website @beavwa

    Can you catch Mew in the original Gameboy's blue/red edition and transfer it to newer versions?

      I believe there's no way to transfer between the GB/GBC games and the GBA ones, which blocked the first two gens from the most recent ones at least until Heart Gold and Soul Silver brought gen 2 over.

      At least in terms of physical copies. No idea if these Virtual Console ones they're bringing out will work with current games.

        I'm pretty sure they said a while ago that you won't be able to trade from the Virtual Console RBY to any of the newer games (only between themselves). The data is too different.


            Cheers guys. It's a shame really - it disconnects the first generation players with the rest of the series.

              You can transfer from fire red and leaf green, but you need a finished copy of black and white (1 or 2). With the real simple DNS mystery gift "hacks" its quite easy to get every legendary Pokémon from any event that the Pokémon bank will accept as legitimate.

    Gotta get one of these. I completely forgot about Hoopa until the day after the promotion ended (lucked out though and my local JB happened to have one leftover code which I snagged)

    Missed out on Hoopa, gonna definitely make sure I don't miss out on Mew!

    Last edited 01/02/16 2:10 pm

      I got an extra Hoopa so if you can get me a Mew I am happy to trade!

    Are we sure they're only at EB Games? The ones in my local area hoard them and split between staff members... I've never been able to get a code from them. JB on the other hand always have plenty and quite friendly about it when you call up to enquire if they have them in store

    Yes it EB Games only. Agree I always had more chance with JB or BigW. So far EB still does not seem to have the codes yet... what a disappointment. You got the exclusive rights you should deliver!

    Yup, BigW and JB-Hifi are usually where I manage to find any. I tried my closest EB Games today but they hadn't received the codes yet, told me the Nintendo rep would usually be by in a few hours. Half way though the day I tried my luck with a phone call but told still had none and to try first thing tomorrow morning.

      Thought I'd try my luck again at the end of the day and Midland EB had received their stock so I grabbed one before they closed, most pleased :-) like another poster said I still don't understand why they didn't just go with online distribution, I would think code distribution would be like conventions and such for unique stuff.

        Joondalup told me to check in tomorrow for those in the area.

    If you missed out on Hoopa, check with your local JB Hifi. Some stores got a second drop of codes.
    JB Hifi Brisbane City still have some left, if that's helpful.

      Really? I might check this out! Do I call and ask about the Pokemon promotion?

      So I checked in with JB in the city thanks to your comment, and hey! I managed to get a Hoopa for me and my brother! Thanks a ton, I owe you one

    Will more than happily trade a Mew if I can get it for Hoopa. Or Jirachi, Deoxys or Diancie.

      Sure! I really wanted a mew ever since!! I got a quiet a few Hoppas!

        Really? I've got a Mew I'd be happy to trade for a Hoopa. I'm zoom_jet on Skype, let me know if you want to trade.

    I got a spare mew if u stl have the hoopa

    Add me on skype if u wanna trade: black.shadow.golem
    Just write pokemon trade in the add comments plz

    So, these are going to be released in Australia right?

    anyone have an extra mew, plz

    OMG so out of the loop there was a hoopa? oh man, my kids recently got poke mon x and omega ruby for easter so we completely missed mew. and apparently hoopa as well. sad tear.

    Does anyone have extra mew and hoopa codes

    HI! if anyone has any spare codes that they don't want and want to get rid of please email me at

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