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After spending the last few years in Sydney, this year's EB Games Expo will herald the event's return to Australia's warmer, northern parts. Scheduled for October 7-8, the expo will set up shop in the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, with tickets going on sale in March.


When I was 17 years old, the coolest thing in the world was to work for EB Games. I want to say that is a hard revelation to admit to, but it really isn’t. When I was 17 years old, video games were everything.


Unsurprisingly, EB Games doesn't dabble in the indie scene a great deal. It's not their business, and it's not part of their business model. But in a move that breaks a little bit of ground, the retailer has given away codes for an Aussie-made indie game for Christmas.


Other retailers went gangbusters on Black Friday. And while EB Games followed suit, to a degree, they're finally starting to amp up their discounting efforts today with their online-only Mad Monday sale. Here's the bargains to look out for.


When EB Games took pre-orders for the Nintendo Mini NES Classic earlier this week, the website crashed under the sheer volume of traffic from eager buyers. This happened two days in a row, leaving a mob of angry customers in its wake. With all the hype around the classic console, you'd think EB Games would have expected the level of traffic to its online store and worked to ensure its website was reliable. We take a look at where EB Games might have gone wrong and what businesses can learn from this debacle.