EB Games Confirms Those PDP RiffMaster Guitars Are Coming To Australia

EB Games Confirms Those PDP RiffMaster Guitars Are Coming To Australia

EB Games has opened preorders for PDP’s RiffMaster wireless guitar controllers, confirming that they are in fact coming to Australia.

The guitars are cut from exactly the same cloth as the old plastic Rock Band and Guitar Hero controllers. They’re designed for use with Fortnite Festival, the Rock Band-style rhythm game in Fortnite, developed by Harmonix, the creators of RB and GH.

The guitars were announced last year, and there’s been questions about whether they’d come to Australia, and how much they’d cost here if they did. We now have the answer to both questions: it’s launching in Australia on June 20 with an RRP of $199.95 AUD. The guitars come in two flavours — Xbox and PlayStation. Either version will almost certainly work with the PC version of Fortnite also.

The RiffMaster is a big risk for PDP, especially in a small market like Australia. Its been years since the band-in-a-box rhythm genre was in vogue, and it will only be the most rusted-on devotees (like me and former Gameshub EIC Edmond Tran) that rush out to get them. I’d love to be proven wrong about that — I’m ready to spend weekends playing Rock Band with friends again. No co-operative experience has ever come close to those dizzying highs again.

You can find the PDP RiffMaster in Australia on the EB Games website. The Playstation version is here. The Xbox version is here. It’ll be on Aussie store shelves in June.

Rock Band fans, my fellow true believers: we are so back.

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