Pokemon GO Players Are Capturing Mews Under Trucks

Pokemon GO Players Are Capturing Mews Under Trucks

Back when Pokemon Red and Blue came out, there was a rumour surrounding the elusive legendary, Mew. As kids around the playground told it, you could find the mythical Pokemon under a truck near the SS Anne. The rumour, though pervasive, was complete bullshit. But now, 22 years later, Pokemon fans are technically making the myth true.

Last week, Pokemon GO got a huge update that introduced a variety of daily quests and multi-day directives. By completing tasks such as performing a set number of special throws or capturing enough Pokemon, you can unlock a chance to capture Mew, one of the original legendaries in the series. Once this was known, players immediately started talking about paying homage to the old Mew myth. As Pokemon GO allows you to take pictures of monsters in the real world, some players decided to picture their Mew under trucks, like so:

(Mew can appear with a translucent sheen.)

Image source: rockardy on Reddit

Image source: rockardy on Reddit

For those of you who weren’t around then, part of the reason so many people believed in the Mew myth was that the Pokemon couldn’t be encountered through normal means. Actually, Mew wasn’t even supposed to be in Red and Blue – the developers snuck it in at the last minute. But, you could potentially encounter Mew through a glitch, and in that confusion, players tried to figure out how to actually trigger the monster. Nobody really knew how, but everyone wanted to seem like the cool kid who was in-the-know. And so one of the most beloved gaming myths was born.


    • You get mew by completing all of the special research tasks, which can be done in a day with enough luck/effort.
      I don’t suppose anybody can know yet what the reward from the daily stamps is, I would guess Moltres.

      The difficult parts of the Mew quest are: finding a ditto and 10 ghosts in stage 5, and Evolving a Magikarp and fighting 10 Raids in stage 6, although you can cheese up the raid count by failing and timing out one raid multiple times.

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