When One Teammate Takes The Division Too Seriously

When One Teammate Takes The Division Too Seriously

Video: Role-playing as a tough military officer in The Division, while the other players have no idea what's going on? That could end up really badly, or it could be a fun run. It's the latter in StoneMountain64's video. He's really good at using military slang and his tone fits the scenario well, so no one got mad at him. They might have even thought for a second at the beginning that it was voice acting from the game.


    I love this guy, he's got a whole series of battlefield 4 and hardline videos doing this exact thing and it's great, recommend checking out that series for some good laughs!

      Yeah, his Battlefield videos are brilliant "Man down, we're losing him. Noooooo!"

    Im surprised he can stick in character for so long.
    Fantastic video.

    Love the ironic comment at the end with Faye.

    pfff. noob. Hasn't he heard of a little thing called radio silence? LOL

    Another great one to watch is Morgan Freeman playing the Division.

    Made the mistake of watch/listening to this at work. I burst out laughing at the flashbang and now I'm being judged.

    His videos also actually manage to be far less cringeworthy than the 'acting' done in those pre-release gameplay videos of people playing the game in a similar manner.

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