When You Accidentally Pull Off A Chun-Li Cosplay

When You Accidentally Pull Off a Chun-Li Cosplay

It can happen. Just ask Florida-based fitness lover Natascha Encinosa. Back in February, Encinosa uploaded a photo to her Instagram, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. That's when folks noticed the Chun-Li similarities .

Happy Valentine's Day ? Love you guys! Shot by @mikeography Edited by yours truly.

A photo posted by Natascha (Naty) Encinosa (@nataschaencinosa) on

The photo quickly went viral, and since then, Encinosa has netted over 190,000 Instagram followers and even caught the attention of Japan's biggest bulletin board, 2ch.

The dress looks similar to the character's Street Fighter V Battle Costume. And like Chun-Li, she appears to be in excellent shape. According to Encinosa, her exercise routine consists of limited squats sans heavy weights, because of a knee injury.

Encinosa hasn't yet officially cosplayed as Chun-Li, but via her Instagram, she promises she will.

LOL. I love y'all. Should I consider cosplaying Chun Li? #ivebeennamedthereallifechunli #thanks #iwish

A photo posted by Natascha (Naty) Encinosa (@nataschaencinosa) on

And she's already changed her Twitter account to read "Chun Li". That, however, was no accident.

[Images: Capcom | Natascha Encinosa]


    Capcom will sue the thighs off her.

      Damn! I dont think even capcom could do that to those thighs. I'd happily be crushed to death by them tho.

    Jesus christ, I can't think of the words for how amazing she looks. Her legs have to be the most amazing I've ever seen on a woman.

      I always thought chun Li couldn't be a real person for how lumpy she was, like the male characters.

      But now I know it's possible.

      I'm still not going to the gym, though...

    And this is what not skipping leg day does.

    I like how everyone is going full mouth breather on this lady.

    "Crush me Senpai!"

    Rather more Chun Ki than Chun Li, but so very nice. :)

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