You Can Watch A Goose Nesting On BioWare's Headquarters, Because Why Not?

A goose has built a nest on top of BioWare's Edmonton studio so, like any rational game developer would, it set up a live stream so everyone could watch. It's even thoughtfully set to the soundtracks of various BioWare games. Oh, Canada.

The video started streaming a couple of days ago, asking the tough questions:

Ganders, the female, sits on her nest atop the studio, patiently incubating her eggs while her hubby the Arishonk protects the nest from a distance. How many eggs did Ganders lay? When will they hatch? Do geese like Mass Effect? From 1-10, how cute is a baby goose? To satisfy our desperate need to answer these questions, we’ve set up the BioWare Goose Cam, which will monitor Ganders 24/7 as she tends to her nest. We hope you watch it too.

The eggs have since hatched and proved to BioWare fans worldwide that baby geese actually are pretty cute.

BioWare's Twitter has become almost entirely goose-centric since Ganders arrived — unfortunately for anyone who may have been hoping for news on their actual games. Still, naming baby geese with Mass Effect-themed puns is as good a way as any to pass the time until Andromeda is released.


    I'm just bummed that The Iron Bill didn't make the cut. If I ever have a pet bird of any kind, it's right at the top of my name list.

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