All Witcher Games Are On Sale At GOG

I heard you all like The Witcher and paying less for your video games.

Boy have I got some news for you.

Yeah, you guessed it. is running a big sale on all Witcher games. Even that adventure game you probably didn't know about.

Here's the full list:

I like because it does a thing that almost all digital stores don't — it displays its prices in Australian dollars. Yes Valve. It can be done.


    I want my Gwent cards without having to buy a sub-par version of the game.

    Witcher 1 literally took me five years to finish, during that time I bought, played through, and finished Witcher 2. Twice.

    It was awesome.

      First started playing Witcher 1 at the end of 2008. Still going, same save file, have not finished it.

      That being said, I enjoy it immensely any time that I do play.

      I want my Gwent cards without having to buy a sub-par version of the game.

      All I want in life is gwent cards also, spent more time playing gwent than the actual story.

    As someone who hasn't played any of the games in the Witcher series, should I start with the first game or can I just dive into the second one?

      In my opinion, you can enjoy the franchise by jumping straight into the second or even the third one.

      I would however highly recommend the second one though, CDPR built the engine for it from scratch as opposed to the heavily modified Aurora engine (Neverwinter Nights) they used for Witcher 1. I don't really remember much about my time in Witcher 1, I played it just before the release of Witcher 2. I found Witcher 1 to be a very clunky and dated game, although I would like one day to revisit it now that I have a greater understanding of the larger world.

      Witcher 2 also does set up the story for a lot of characters that make appearances in Witcher 3.

      If you have the time to spend and the patience to deal with older clunkier games, then I definitely recommend Witcher 1, then 2 then 3. If you have minimal time to play the games, perhaps just jump straight into number 3 as it in itself is probably larger than both W1 and W2 combined.

        If you have minimal time for games just skip Witcher 3. Damn thing's stolen a lot of my spare time.

        Enjoyed it immensely but new game +? I think not! Who the hell has the time???

          Good thing you didn't suggest that I skip games altogether, since the time I have for games is slowly diminishing. Haha. :p

    i picked up Witcher 1 and 2 with my preorder for 3 off Steam ages ago, left me plenty of time to complete both before the release of 3.
    Though graphically starting to show its age, i personally loved the first over either the second or third. the combat had depth and a degree of knowledge, while not being so reliant on signs and potions. i also felt my choices had a greater impact on the world and my relationships
    also the cards, forget those cheesy cinematics, i loved finding all the "love"-cards ;P

      The cinematics in 3 are fairly awful. When they kiss it is just the worst!

    Can't wait for Blood and Wine. Haven't played Hearts of Stone yet so I'll grab them both and get through them at the same time

    Worth pointing out it's on sale pretty much everywhere, including Steam and GMG.

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      I was just trying to work out the AU price on Steam. $48US sounds pretty good but not knowing what it'll actually convert to is annoying. It should theoretically be about the same price as GOG (about $65AU) but it's impossible to know until you buy :(

        $48 US is roughly $66 AU at the current exchange rate... So, basically the same.

          I realise the exchange rate makes it about the same in theory (I did that conversion before my previous post), what I'm getting at is you don't see the final price on Steam until you try to buy it. A couple times now it's caught me out thinking something is a good deal then realising it isn't really :(

        Judging by the rate I paid (via PayPal) just for the base game, if you're after the Game + Expansion Pass on Steam, you'd be up for AU $68.79

    currently going through on NG+ Death March to get ready for Blood and wine

      Insane person right here ^ :P

        lvl 50 and only just rescued the Mage in the house with Sarah the Godling... still havent set foot in skellige yet either

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          Go to options and find out how long you've been playing. Mine said over a week and I almost shat myself. Great game but damn, so many hours put through it.

          This is why (i thought) i had quit RPGs.

            ive put over 400hrs into it over 2 different machines. new PC arrived a week after it was released and i was half way through the game though ( i had just found ciri) and i decided to start fresh on blood and broken bones on the new PC

              Damn man. You must love that game. I love it too. I have maxed out ursine armour and for no reason I've started collecting all of the other sets except for cat, just to see what they look like. Can't find the stupid quest givers for Griffin though :(

              I was going to buy it again on PC when it gets down to about $20, just to see how it looks on max settings... but the time commitment thing has me second guessing it.

              Not that there's anything wrong with playing the games you love. It's an awesome thing to do, but I have a lot of other constraints on my time with kids, work and hobbies. I just can't game like I used to. I keep thinking "What if I'd spent that time to learn a new skill, I'd be pretty good now!"

                eh 400hrs isnt that, i have 473 on fallout 4, 1500 on skyrim, 1000 on New vegas amd 600hr over all 3 borderlands all while playing wow since release

                  It's more than 2 weeks and 2 days man. 400hrs is a LOT.

                  Which one was your favourite? I really couldn't get into Skyrim. The story was't strong enough for me. It was pretty but it felt too big and aimless. Whereas Witcher? Damn. I really love the side quests. So compelling!

    On sale on steam too

      Weirds me out that people would rather buy a copy of a game on Steam for the same price as a DRM-free copy directly from the publisher/developer.

      Last I checked it's possible to add a non-Steam game to a Steam library and have access to the in-game overlay. So is there any benefit to buying on Steam?

        Even less reason to choose Steam now the GOG Galaxy provides similar functionality to Steam. Whenever Steam and GOG both offer a game, I always choose the GOG version even if it's slightly more expensive.

          Same. I just like supporting GOG over steam.

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