What It's Like Being A Younger Brother With Video Games

Short Film Shows What It's Like to Grow Up Being Player Two in Video Games

I'm an older brother. My brother and I played video games together all of our lives.

This video is about what it's like playing video games as a younger brother. It's beautiful. Utterly gorgeous. If you have a brother or a sister you need to watch this.

It's forced me to recognise something I always took for granted. I was the one leading. I was the one showing my brother where to go.

My brother is in Scotland right now, he's on the other side of the planet. Next time I see him I'm going to let him have the first go.



    You guys already posted this on the 26th

    Heh nice =)

    This was actually inverted for me, i'm the younger brother but somehow but older brother was content watching instead of playing.

    We sometimes took turns playing though so i wasn't totally a horrible person lol

    Yeah, i have the typical older brother. Back in the 64 days, was playing Mario Kart with him, somehow i was winning and he cracked the shits and reset the console.

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