Off Topic: What Do You Want For Christmas?

Do you know what I miss? Making a Christmas wish list. When I was a kid both me and my little brother would go through a catalogue, look at the toy and games section and make this massive list of stuff we wanted. I was the older brother, so I was a little more reserved, but my younger brother was mental. He'd just ask for everything. Imagine you can make a wishlist of stuff you want for Christmas. Drop it in the comments below!

Here's my list...

— A Wii U — A new gaming PC — New rock climbing shoes — New rock climbing trousers that make me look cool — Stuff for my badass new BBQ

Actually — that's pretty much it. Not much really. Well, I guess some of this stuff is expensive.

I hope my wife reads this and doesn't buy me a nose hair trimmer like last year.


    A Wii U
    Star Wars Lego
    A PS Vita.

    I've hinted to my wife enough times all three, wonder what I'll end up with!

      My wife has WiiU for me. The problem is i know its in the house somewhere and i cant play it......painful

        My birthday is actually next week as well, so I'm not sure but I might be getting the Wii U for that... Typically as December approaches the hints I drop are for either gift (although I never expect extravagant gifts for both)


    - New TV
    - New gaming headsets


    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for my HTC One XL.
    4.2 would be nice, but that's asking a bit much.

    Honestly not much. I've spent way too much on stuff for myself in the past 6 months and really don't need anything.

    There's a couple of little things I know I'd enjoy, like Bit.Trip.Saga for 3DS or Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray, but even then I wouldn't be too disappointed if that didn't eventuate.

    The thing I'm actually most looking forward to is that my son is getting a bunch of (mostly second-hand) Duplo for Christmas. I'll probably spend most of the holidays playing with that "with him". Then in a couple of years time we'll be on to the real Lego!

      The kids love the Duplo... as do the parents. I think my wife enjoys making Duplo houses more than my daughter does. I picked up a great stack of used Duplo this year with 12 base boards and heaps of blocks/windows/carriages/Bob The Builder trucks etc for $100. Such a good investment!

    You have pants on your list.

    Mine pretty much consists of Xbox Live Gold 12 months and Halo Anniversary right now. Haven't put much thought into it yet.

      Atleast he didn't ask for a rockclimbing kilt... that'd be a bit... shocking

    GoPro Hero 3 black edition... Christmas kinda came early for me as I already have it and couldnt resist the temptation to open and play around a little with it. So all I want now is every single mounting option available for those things. :)

    No gaming stuff this year as I have hardly played the games I own

    World peace


    Wii U. Yeah.. Definitly a wii U :D

    Last edited 04/12/12 11:31 am

    A pair of inline skates
    some new work shoes
    some new casual shoes

    A knife block

    some frames for all the prints I have bought from Ript Apparel

    That's it

    I know I will be buying it all myself as well

      MQFT told you to buy the skates!

      Why don't you have them already Spags!?

        Bro! I dun have the money!

        Not yet....not yet

    umm ... new pc, mine's going on 5 years old and I don't think it will handle the next lot of games released
    a wacom/arty type tablet
    the qld government to get off its arse so I can change my address to my current address in victoria
    A pinkie pie christmas ornament
    ... it's the little things

    I still give my parents lists...and I'm 36. :P

    Last year I got my husband to give me a wishlist really early and then I surprised him by getting almost everything on it. I stacked all the presents up in a pile and it was taller than our son! Luckily for the wallet it was mostly CDs and books that could easily be bought cheaply online.

    This year my list mainly consists of boring sewing things that nobody wants to buy me. So I'm going to amend it to:

    -A surprise.

    Got made redundant from my job of 7 years last week. Last day is the 21st but the good news is i will have a lazy 20 grand in the bank so christmas will be a good one this year.
    Wii U, Golf clubs, Nokia Lumia 920 plus the ability to help my mum out with a bit of cashola.

    My Dream Job as a Video Game Reviewer

    Doing secret Santa with my family and the limit is only $50. I think I'm going to ask for a jb hifi voucher. In truth I want:
    - Lego lord of the rings game and set
    - extra 360 controller
    - new bedside cabinet that's longer and taller to house my comics

    Your little Webber is not really badass. Just sayin...

    But a WiiU would be nice for me, a couple blu rays, not sure what else...

    My wife and I don't celebrate Christmas, but we do usually tend to exchange gifts between each other and spend time with family. This year, instead of buying presents, my wife and I are pooling our funds and treating ourselves to a week long beachfront holiday at Rainbow Beach in late January. I can't wait.

      +1 - Awesome place - Saw the most Epic Thunder/Lightening storm from Rainbow Beach looking Fraser Island direction, many years ago - Also, visit Tin Can bay - There were baby Dolphins there last time I went.

    I'd just like my credit card debt brought to $0 so I can stop panicking!

    As the older brother I was always far from reserved.

    This year my list would go in the following order:

    - Wii U
    - Bond 50 Blu-ray collection
    - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

    That's about it!

    Oh, on another note, I think we should all pool in and get Serrels a BBQ for Christmas. Over the past few days he's mentioned his newfound love of BBQs one too many times.

    Rocksmith & a pet scorpion. That or to find a stable job.

    Mass Effect Trilogy! ! !

    Well, I'm finally picking up a PS3 for Christmas, but that isn't exactly from Santa or anything. Maybe Far Cry 3?

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