Tell Us Dammit: What Did You Get For Christmas?

I'm old and I have a baby on the way, so Christmas for me is now about stuff like socks and maybe a box of chocolates if I'm lucky, but what did you guys and girls get? Anything good?

I got a pretty cool pair of lightweight climbing trousers. I know, it sounds weird. Can't you just climb in anything? Yes, you can. But you won't look anywhere near as cool. And you won't be super light. Those 300 grams count! They all count!

I also got a pretty swish manual juicer thing that I'm going to make pasta sauce with.

I received precisely zero video game related stuff — mainly because people are way too scared to buy me game stuff in case I already have it! Probably a safe call actually...

What did you all get for Christmas?

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    Socks! I really needed them though, I guess. I bought myself psychonauts on steam though. :) My nephew got kinect, so we played around with that a bit but we opted to try and make a kite outside. The physics outside were glitchy for us.

      As far as I'm concerned, the main purpose of Christmas is to replenish one's supply of socks. I got 6 pairs this year.

    I got some powertools, some smellies, some clothes and a stunt kite...
    All designed to get me away from the computer.


    Pretty much all I got was money and gift cards. As good as money is, I would've preferred an actual gift, but my family's lazy like that.

    I did get a big bag of cashews though. I do love my cashews.

      Normal cashews, or cashews wrapped in delicious?

        They're Nobbys salted cashews. They're orgasmic.

          My aunt had plates of nuts out for christmas. Honey macadamias, vanilla almonds etc. Expecting sweetness, I grabbed a handful of the cashews and stuffed them in my mouth to find out they were megaspicy.

    All I got was gift cards and courtesy chocolates.

    Honestly I think I prefer it this way.

    A Wii U Premium Pack & ZombiU.
    The Incredible Hulk Returns on DVD.
    Hulk Hogan Unreleased Collectors Series DVD.
    An iPod Dock/CD Player.
    Some exercise... Thing... Steps... With the stuff... Uh... I don't know what it's called!
    And sandals.

    Pretty good haul!

    The missus gave me a citizen watch, alcohol and sex. She makes everything perfect if you ask me

    Bit.trip saga on 3ds and 7 series of Peep Show on DVD (both bought by me and handed over to family), some beach stuff and some chocolates. And my son's duplo, which I'm playing with anyway.

    I got fat... soooo much food!

    From Bee's family i got the Garden of Morr
    I only play 40k, but i wanted this for a diorama i'm working on.

    My Dad gave been an i some cash, as he does every year, and mum gave me a pre-paid visa with enough money for me to buy the second Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus from Book Depository and still have a tiny bit left over. She also gave us the usual christmas stockings filled with lollies and mine also had the Super Mario Bros. Movie (lol) and a darth maul keepsake, which looks better than half the figurines you can buy.

    We also got like 4 sets of movie vouchers - which is pretty cool as it's 4 date nights paid for! :P

    I got a ME3 Tali Action Figure, 12+1 Months Xbox LIVE Gold voucher with bonus Halo 4 emblem, a replacement watch (I broke my old one accidentally being frustrated with how bad AC3 was), a 'SHEP' ME3 shirt (emulating the Obama HOPE 'meme') and the coolest little LEGO-style thing called Nanoblocks, in the shape of a violin.

    Now I can play the saddest songs on the worlds smallest violin. Heh.

    Some batman and adventure time comics
    A Wheatley keyring
    A custom made my little pony figure made to look like deadpool
    A my little pony plush
    A few dvds
    A pinkie pie christmas decoration
    A bottle of nice whiskey
    36 Crazy Fists "The tide and it's takers" vinyl
    Tickets to see Cosmo Jarvis
    The Walking Dead video game
    A letter from the real estate saying my housemates and I have been approved to move to a new house and a nice sleep in.

    Some clothes, personalised towels and a coffee machine!!

    A boxed nintendo 64. With boxed Goldeneye. Mum appologized for it being 12 years late.

    was absolutely gobsmacked

      Dude. That's pretty damn awesome. Except for the fact that Goldeneye is a piece of shit by todays standards. It's aged as well as last week's milk.

    I got a recurve bow and target so I have a shooting range in my back yard, some great headphones (not beats thankfully), clothes and money.

    It was a good Christmas.

      oooh ... pretty recurve bows. are they hard to get the hang of? my housemate has been wondering about getting a bow

        Nah it's actually pretty simple. Hurts sometimes but quite fun and very cool

          Like a toy one? Coz my real one was about 300, and I wouldn't be able shoot it in my backyard haha.
          There are places to buy bows all over, its a pretty big movement recently. Least in my city.

            Haha no a real one. Was worth about $500. I have a huge brick wall in my back yard so I can use it safely

              Oh cool. I just read "hurts sometimes" like shooting toy darts at friends haha. Bows rule eh. Hahah

    The latest in my families long running attempts to fill my house with furniture so it's more appealing for a potential wife and babies, I got a table and chairs.

    Also got a coffee machine with which I've made several terrible, terrible coffees and some money for art supplies.

      Use said table and chairs to play board games and drink beers, cover it in gross food. Make your family regret trying to make you have a family hahah.

    1 lump of COAL! Just 1, not 2... 1.

    Nah j/k. I treated myself to some After Effects Plugins. Mainly Element3D

    Led Zep Celebration Day blu ray, Dark Knight Rises blu, cash.

    I got a vita from one of my best mates. (good thing i got him a nexus 7 totally wasn't expecting it)
    Haven't put it down in like 3 days. After initial concerns it's growing on me. The ability to play my own music with whatever game im playing is definitely awesome.

    Last edited 27/12/12 12:25 pm

    Two games: Transformers War for Cybertron and Darksiders 2.
    A double kick bass drum pedal
    A cymbal mount for my v-drum kit
    Some t-shirts from thinkgeek, a CD (AC/DC Live at River Plate), DVD's (Dark Knight Rises, Happy Feet 2), an AC/DC book and some alcohol.
    Oh, and a ticket to Soundwave next year :D

    So not a bad haul overall.

    I asked for more practical things this year like casual & dress clothing. Sounds boring, but I needed to update the wardrobe a bit.

    Gaming wise we got a Wii U, but we're not setting it up until we find a new HD LCD LED TV that has three-pin plug ports. Cue Luigi's Mansion chatter: "Mario...? Maaaarrio?

    There are two choices: Upgrade to a 55" or 60", buy a new TV unit & move our existing 46" out of the theatre room. Or... find a 32" inch to fit our current unit.

    I got a bunch of climbing gear, which was cool. New chalk bag, a bunch of brushes and a bouldering bag too (as well as a big chunky bag of chalk). The rest of the stuff was centred around my upcoming trip to Japan, so a bunch of warm clothes and a couple of travel books.

    I got some depressing books about WW2 from my Dad - as always - a DVD or two, a $50 PSN voucher and an A4 print-out which is good for snow gear up to $300. It'll make a dent, at least!

    I got Xenoblade Chronicles. And some other stuff I forgot about as soon as I saw Xenoblade. :P

      You and Freeze should play it at the same time, compare notes and the like! And leave Greenius out of your conversations! >:D

        You and Freeze should play it at the same time, compare notes and the like!

        oooo *upvote*

        And leave Greenius out of your conversations! >:D



        Xenoblade! :D

    I got a bunch of clothes which i really needed since I've lost a vit of weight, i also got a really neat Swiss army knife thing, its in the shape of a credit card and fits in your wallet! Its so handy

    @rocketman totally saved my Christmas presents by gifting me Max Payne 3. Otherwise, it was a bag of M&Ms and a concert ticket that I'd bought for myself some months back anyway.

    Being on a budget stinks.

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