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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what gaming gifts did you receive today?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Obvious one, really. What game-related gifts did you receive today?

Me? Well, since I'm writing this on Christmas Eve (What? You really think I'm working today?) I actually don't know. I suspect none, considering my family and friends realise I probably already have any games or consoles I would want. But who knows? Maybe someone will finally get me that Japanese Sega Saturn I've been craving... Or maybe not.


    Ouh, im getting a Saturn soon! I didn't get any gifts of the game, but I got my little sisters Mario Party 8. Its annoying because every time we get to the monkey mini game it says disk error only on that mini game!

      Hm... I can't find anything on that exact problem, but this thread might be helpful:

      Unfortunately it seems either the game or wii might be defective, so you could have to contact nintendo to get this fixed.

    Well i got 100 bucks from my folks so you can be guaranteed that it will go towards gaming goodness

    A truck load of DVD movies including...
    Underworld -Rise of the Liecans
    Transformers 2
    Ice Age 3
    Fast and Furious 4
    and about 25 other AA class Movies.

    Three bottles of Wine, one bottle of Rum, one bottle of 15 year old Brandy and a Bottle of top notch red.

    No games this year but that's ok because as soon as the shops open again I will get myself one of them ASUS MS236H Monitors.
    My Christmas present to me that one.

      Did you get any good movies?

    Well today i recieved no actual gaming gifts.
    I did recieve a $100 voucher for EB games (evil), jb hi-fi (glorified evil).
    One will be put toward Dragon Age Origins, and the other to help with AvP pre-order =)
    Merry christmas Kotaku

      Get dragon age through steam. $50 of RPG goodness. Awsome value at a per hour/dollar ratio. Great game too.

        atm im only running an ASUS AX300 (128mb), behind 4gb of ddr2 ram. My old graphics card fried on me 2 days after warranty ran out *sad panda*
        So my pc in its current state lacks the ability to run DA:O on it =(. Otherwise yes, i would surely buy it @ $50

          im intrigued as to why JB is glorified Evil

          there cheaper than EB and at least they dont pretend to know WTF there talking about

          plus they actually stock PC games(well more than EB which only have MW2 Dragonage and the best of 1995)

    I got a set of 3 cymbals for my Rock Band Drums :)

    No gaming gifts for me this year, but the best Christmas I ever had was the one when I got my PS1, I was really young at the time and I was at that age where you kind of start to not believe in Santa, but my parents were still doing the whole Santa thing. So yea I woke up in the morning kind of not feeling like being in the Christmas spirit, But when i was that ps1 and a few games under the Christmas tree it pretty much rekindled that spirit instantly (it’s funny how crash bandicoot and tekken will do that) I hadn’t really flat out told my parents what I wanted, but they knew a ps1 was what it was because I was pretty much glued to my SNES for years.

    What really sucked is at the time our TV was so out of date that the connections of the PS1 didn’t work, we got a new TV a day later, so there I was a kid with a ps1 and I couldn’t play it for a whole day.

      I should really start reading these for errors :(

    No gaming present for christmas, but for my birthday I am gettig my iPhone I already have (wierd but great family) and 500 smackeroonies which I'll get a PSP with. It took awhile to figure out I wanted it, but your article on PSP games in 2010 convinced me (thanks).

    Happy Holidays!

    A copy of Madworld on Wii, which I can't wait to give a try.

    A copy of Bioshock on 360, which I can't wait to replay for a third time, only on 360 instead of PC :D

    And a copy of Tekken: Dark Resurrection on PSP..... which I can't play cause I lost my PSP on Wednesday while Christmas shopping at Miranda :(

    2/3 isn't so bad I guess =(

    My cousin also got a copy of World of Warcraft and all expansions from me. She was so happy she was almost crying.

    Tell us if you did get anything game-related for Christmas David :D

      Mad world on pc is a piece of hack and slash funness that just keeps giving. I loved it.

      As for bioshock. I loved the game but wont be giving 2K any more of my money with the way they screwed Us aussies over with regional pricing through steam for borderlands.

      Oh jeez, that sucks about the PSP. Have you talked to lost property? I lost a folder with a lot of drawings a while back in a westfield, and even though security didn't have it they were extremely helpful, and I eventually found it again.

    I mainly got cash, and with some of it I spent it on sales on Steam.


    Eidos Pack (Highlights being Batman: AA, all the Hitman games, Both Duex Ex games, Just Cause and Thief: Deadly Shadows)

    Braid (One of my Steam friends got it for me for Christmas :D)

    Defense Grid


    Mirrors Edge

    Medieval 2: Total War + Kingdoms expansion

    Jedi Knight Pack (Dark Forces, Academy, Outcast)

    All under 100 dollars.

    Mr Spoon received a 360 copy of Borderlands. Mr Spoon will see you all on Pandora.


    New gaming laptop from the folks, Zelda: Spirit Tracks and a Jedi Robe from my brother, various books (including World War Z!) from other family members, new hiking backpack from my aunt and uncle, and various booze/money/gift vouchers from more distant relatives

    All in all, pretty good haul!

      Shit. Yours sounds like a good family to marry into...

    I got an iphone scored off ebay, and a pretty awesome headset.

    the iphone doesn't work with a single sim card in the house...

    most probably no gifts from none
    got myself a ps3(uncharted 2 bundle) loved it..
    was pc/360 gamer till now, finally i won't be missing any games.

    oops! missed this

    Merry CHRISTMAS to all.......:-)

    I got a copy of final fantasy 13 from japan.

    Mass effect and Assasins creed 2. Both great games :)

    Big package, DJ Hero Renegade Edition, Forza 3 and a extra controller, all for X360.
    I am glad it's raining in Sydney today, =D

    Hmm...gaming related gifts. Actually, unbelievably, none. I couldn't believe it myself. I'm hoping to buy myself a PlayStation 3 the next time I'm down shopping, so that'll be my gift to myself.

    I hope I win the Big Pile of Crap, that way, I don't need to pay for some startup games.

    Merry Christmas Ya'll...

    I got 2 PSP games, God of War and Ridge Racer (not very good ones but im happy) and a $50 EB games voucher... Im happy.

    I got a hangover.

    I'm much in the same position as you David, I already own pretty much every game I want, so my mum just gave me a couple of hundred dollars to pick something out for myself. I did receive a kick-ass predator shuriken from my brother though. Given the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator game, I think that counts as gaming-related. :P

    Merry Christmas everybody,
    I received a sony bt headset, dual charging stand,
    a sony Lan case to take my ps3 around to mates in style, Dog tags, OPS year subscription, $130 worth of Eb vouchers :D

    Score !!!

    I got a 32" full HD tv to go in my room so i can finally play my ps3 in all its HD goodness in my room. I also got a copy of lego batman, because they know I love batman, aren't they sweet?

    My little brother got WiiSports Resort, my older brother got Assasin's Creed II and I got... nothing.

    I did get a $100 bucks, which will go towards FFXIII when it comes out. Oh and a Futurama boxset, which was pretty cool, although has nothing to do with games.

    i got ninja gaiden 2.
    seriously though, GET IT!!!
    i haven't really read anything about it but it is SO brutal, that it's actually funny!
    you can leave enemies bloody on the ground with no head, arms, legs in just one combo.
    anyone seen monty pythons: holy grail? that's black knight style.

    2 words to sum up:

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