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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like where you prefer to buy your games.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Question: From where do you most often by your games? And what's the reason why you prefer to shop there?


    Honestly, EB Games. They do price match and with the 7 day return policy it can be cheaper than renting. Think of it as an $80 deposit.

    I do prefer to buy online above brick and mortar stores. But anyone who saw the PSN update for the day would share my frustration due to the lack of content posted.

    Love using Steam as well. My PC can't run too many games, however it does run Team Fortress 2 well and that should be enough for anyone.

      i was so pissed off with the update today.. what a rip.

    JB Hi-Fi- new games usually cost $70-$80 there, whereas they cost $100-$110 at game and eb. however if I'm buying old games, i'll look around, but probly get them at game (especially if they're on pc).

    I buy my games either on ebay (For my ps3) or sometimes gametraders as they sometimes have those hard to find jrpgs.

    JB Hi-Fi... Everything is just that little bit cheaper there, and there isn't some douchebag trying to sell me disc-protection for an extra $6 or whatever it is.. Although i walked by EB last night, and there was Oblivion GOTY edition for $29... Should've grabbed it.

    JB Hi-Fi. It's generally cheaper than EB or Game and I don't feel like they're trying to shove used games down my throat.

    I always buy my games from JB Hi-Fi unless EB has a special collectors item for pre-ordering. JB Hi-Fi is like a wonderland for techno geeks like me =)

      support the guys who will offer you the cheapest price straight up!

        Yeah. Homogeny FTW.

    Steam - Quick, cheap, easy and fast (although they have a habit of rejecting my credit card for no reason!)
    JB Hi-Fi - Cheap... thought the service is terrible (well... you grab what you want, and wait in line for 10 minutes)

    I prefer to buy from JB hi fi because it has cheap prices on new releases and it is close to work. I also like to import from online stores for the games that don't get released in AUS and sometimes it works out cheaper too

    EB, because it's only a 10 minute walk away, and the Big W right across from it means usually there's a good price match on offer too.

    And if I am forced to buy a terribly overpriced game then I abuse their 7-day return policy over and over to get value for my $120.

    I usually go JB HIFI. I tend to buy the game I want most on a whim and JB usually has better prices on non-special items. Otherwise, EB is good for bargain bin stuff.

    I don't think it's not that people don't want to tell you stuff, more that you're asking boring shit. If you want to get personal with your reeader then ask them something they'd want to talk about like their first gaming experience or the first game they ever finished...see where I'm going with this?

      Well, dude, look around, there seems to be a lot of replies here.

    I usually try and buy direct from the company, like I bought Sims 3 direct from Less clutter of boxes and discs and manuals that you never really use.

    However if I'm out and about I usually stop into EB just to see whats there and on sale.

    I'm a GAME man myself. Mostly because I get discounts there, but I also like their staff; they're all friendly and always willing to help. They have good trade-in deals too usually.

    I BUY! (you have By)
    My games from Big w; the reasoning behind that is they are the biggest games retailer in my town and they are cheap (88 for a 110 game and I'm sold)

    Simple. EB. Not due to them being cheap but rather because of staff discount from my little brother. Oh and price matching in a busy day when they don't check.
    Next to that, I'd say ebay due to always finding some rare jewel that I know I must own even though I probably will never play, ie, MGS:Twin Snakes and Ikaruga.

    JB HIFI. They tend to have decent sales and there prices seem a little lower than other retail outlets.

      their* prices. Also, the music and DVD sections are sweeeet.

    I worked at EB Games for 6-7 years and bought all my games from there. Some strange loyalty thing, and also they were right in your face all the time.
    I've since left there (got a job as a games programmer YAY!) and now basically buy all my games online. They are so much cheaper there, and now I have this major resentment for how much EB ripped me off over the years.
    For console games I generally buy off eBay, tried CD WOW for a while, but after they took 2 months to ship SF4 and 2 months to ship Madworld (I actually pre-ordered it), I've stopped buying from there.
    PC Games I usually buy off steam. My ISP is Internode, so theres no bandwidth costs for buying on there and everything is a damn sight cheaper (and more convenient) than anything else I can think of.

    ok. well i usually buy my games at EB.
    1. they price match any competitor (my local will match any price in the state)
    2. 7 day return policy no questions asked.
    3. most of the time they will give me a good price even without a catalogue.
    I used to import from play asia when our $ was worth something but that just isnt worth it any more. im not going to wait a week or 2 just to save $5. id rather spend a couple bucks extra and get it NOW

    JB Hi-Fi or Play Asia.

    I just snagged Fear 2 for $32AUD from the latter. Splendid.

    I think I mainly buy my games from JB, but on occasion I buy from Game and EB, but not so much from EB. I try saving as much as I can when I buy games, but I do like their refund policy.
    I like JB 'cause they've got some prettttttty damn cheap games there most times.

    Few categories

    - Game Traders, asks them to lower or match price with JB Hi-Fi / Ebgames. Coz you get point card from game traders :P
    - If above fail, go to the next cheapest one, usually JB, but ebgames might work too if i can be bothered to ask them to lower the price.

    - Anywhere cheap. I usually go through game traders, jb hi fi, eb games, WoW, ebay and the rest before snatching a game.

    But more than often, ebay always win with the lowest price and import friendly. I got resistance 1 and the darkness each for $22. Resistance 2 for $32. Got Eternal Sonata for PS3 3 months earlier from US. Got uncensored ninja gaiden, dark sector and gta IV from US too.

    Usually, I get my games from GAME, up at my local shopping centre. I prefer it due to the fact that it doesn't feel so crowded and noisy - that's a dealbreaker for me. Plus the 5.5% back is a bit of a bonus.

    However, for older games, I'll shop around a bit. I only rarely buy from EB - only when I can't find it anywhere else; eg. NASCAR 09.

    Steam mainly for me. With a decent exchange rate the prices are often the best too. The Steam sales have also resulted in a lot more impulse buys by me than any traditional store sales have.
    If it's not offered on Steam, then JB Hi-Fi & Play Asia for more obscure titles (mostly DS games).

    Mostly eBay if I'm buying older games since eBay stores don't peddle the same ten year old crap without changing the price at all. But for "new" games my brother works in JB and he gets cost price on games, which when buying pre-owned games can be as insanely low as $2.

    And if it gets banned here I will import it or if there's no uncut version, just download it out of principle.

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