Dead Or Alive’s Gust Costumes Are Almost Good Enough To Buy

Dead Or Alive’s Gust Costumes Are Almost Good Enough To Buy

Koei Tecmo has teamed up with one of my favourite Japanese RPG developers to create a set of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round costumes based on the delightful costume designs from the Atelier series and other Gust games. I’d almost pay $44 for them. Almost.

Kasumi and friends decked out in outfits from the Atelier series, Ciel Nosurge and Nights of Azure adds a new level of charm to the latest entry in the fighting game franchise, and maybe a little bit of respectability (OK, maybe not that one Nights of Azure outfit).

That said, there is no way in hell I am spending $US31.99 ($44) on a set of fighting game costumes. I love a good crossover collaboration, but I don’t love it this much. Do people actually buy these things?


  • I’d really love to know how much it would cost to buy all available add-ons to DOALR at this point, all things considered I bet the price all up would eclipse the price of the platform you’re playing the game on

  • People must buy enough of them, otherwise they wouldn’t keep making them. I would assume that they are expensive because from what I understand the costumes are cross compatible with the new beach volleyball game they released in japan.

    • they are not compatible and are an absolute rip off on all accounts. They do look good, but the price is ludicrous.

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