Hunter’s Dream From Bloodborne, Remade In Unreal Engine

Hunter’s Dream From Bloodborne, Remade In Unreal Engine

Video: Childhood classics aren’t the only games with fan-made re-imaginations in Unreal Engine 4. Newer ones can get one too every now and then. And Bloodborne is a fantastic-looking game that deserves an homage like this. Artist Simon Barle recreated Hunter’s Dream, the central hub of the game. While Bloodborne‘s graphics were excellent, the dark, dreadful world of Bloodborne looks even better here.


  • Still wouldn’t mind seeing a PC port. The footage I’m seeing from DS3 on PC is phenomenal.

    • Totally agree especially later in the game there are quite a few “wow that freaking looks amazing” moments in DS3. The souls games just ooze atmosphere. Can’t think of another title that does it better.

  • As much as I would want this to be what the game actually looked like, I’d settle for just being able to access this in VR and sitting in the Hunter’s Dream listening to the music…

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