Kid Designs Overwatch Character, Blizzard Artists Finish The Job

Kid Designs Overwatch Character, Blizzard Artists Finish The Job

Blizzard fan Shane Hickey's young daughter thought it'd be cool to design her own Overwatch character and send it into the game's creators. Blizzard thought it'd be cooler to turn her rough design into something a little more professional.

Roman Kenney, a Blizzard artist, took the kid's art (and attack descriptions) and made this:

Kid Designs Overwatch Character, Blizzard Artists Finish The Job

That's one small PR step for Blizzard, one giant day for a small kid who likes to draw rad stuff.


    Seems a little more anime-esque than most of the Overwatch hero styles but very cool, I'd totally play a hero like that :P

    Damn you Blizzard!
    My heart was a cold lump of ice after your Nost decision (well within your legal rights..I'm not reopening *that* argument) and then you pull this??
    A very begrudging bravo.

    Is it just me, or does it look like in the drawing the green arches are her hair in 2 ponytails?

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    So, basically a better version of Mercy, who does much the same but can only hover, not jump high/fly? Sounds like a badass idea for a Mercy skin, though.

    Could set a pretty awkward precedent, of course. Cue thousands of fan-art character submissions.

      More like a chance for me to scribble a crude drawing and say it was done by my "son"

      I agree, but the thing is those can be ignored or given a generic response, and that's hardly likely to be newsworthy. Or they could just pull a Bethesda and issue a clear, "OK, this one time coz it was funny... but not again!"

    I'm picturing a sweet melee/damage over time hybrid.
    Targeted vision shroud/smoke poison bomb that reduces damage to targets behind and obscures vision and damages enemies in it so it can be used defensively or offensively. Is fired from the orbs on wings.
    Short ranged dash spin flicking those wild green wing thingies in an arc that poisons folk leeching health from them.
    Vampire style melee attacks that when used on a poisoned target can drain health, alt fire air cutter ranged attack
    Fire Phoenix ultimate. Restores you to full health, can be used while dead, modifies abilities to deal instant damage rather than DoT for duration. firebomb with increased damage, dash turns to longer ranged glide dealing fire damage. Melee to ignite enemy increasing consecutive melee attacks, 3 missiles on alt fire.

    It's a lovely gesture that will be a amazing and fond memory for that child for years to come.

    Like I'm an actual fucking artist and so are a million god damn other people on
    the planet and the person being recognize for their art by a game company is a
    fucking child?
    Nah. So much fuck that.

      Trolololololol lololol lololol hahahahaha

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