Lastfight Is A 2016 Take On Power Stone

Lastfight is a new fighting game from Piranaking that, well, as the headline suggests, should be of interest to anyone who likes their fighting games a little (or a lot) more 3D than Street Fighter can manage. Based on a French martial arts comic, it's oozing with style. There are ten fighters, eight stages and a massive range of weapons and junk you can throw at your opponents, from rocket launchers to dinosaur bones to giant '80s mobile phones that call in airstrikes.

Plus: if you can get three friends together in the same room there's 2v2 local multiplayer.

ADMISSION: I am not a big fighting games guy, so can't speak for the real technical shit that a hardcore fan might obsess over. But as someone who loved Power Stone, I've been having fun with this!

It's out on Steam very soon.


    Geez, this is just an Ehrgeiz clone. Can't people make anything original these days? ^_- (Anti Poe shield)

    Uh, this looks pretty cheap and crappy compared to the awesomeness that was Power Stone 2.....

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