Lionsgate Wants To Make Up To Seven Power Rangers Movies

Lionsgate Wants To Make Up To Seven Power Rangers Movies

Lionsgate’s first Power Rangers movie is still a year away, but the studio is putting a lot of faith into the franchise performing well for it going forward. Are you ready to be excited for not just one Power Rangers movie, but seven of them? Speaking to analysts, Lionsgate noted that they see Power Rangers as their next big franchise, in the wake of the end of The Hunger Games and the disappointment of the latest Divergent movie. So rather than playing it safe and waiting to see how the first film is received next year, the studio has told analysts it hopes to make “five, six or seven of them” over the coming years, according to Deadline. They have taken all of their prehistoric-animal-themed eggs and combined them into one giant basket-based robot, basically.

If the movie franchise adopted the show’s ethos of refreshing itself every once in a while with new costumes, powers, bad guys and rangers, this could possibly be a great idea — well, depending on whether or not you liked what they have done to the original ranger suits, that is. But considering every would-be mega-sized franchise these days just wants the same people doing the same thing sequel after sequel, somehow I doubt that will happen.



  • Pretty sure that gif is from AkibaRangers ._. when the the red and green ranger show up and act all American, claiming that super sentai stole the idea from Powerful Rangers or something. Need to rewatch!

  • My first thought was Mighty Morhphin, Rangers Zeo, Turbo, Space, lightspeed resurce, timeforce, wild force, ninja storm, dino thunder, spd, mystic force, overdrive, Jungle fury, rpm, mega force …..

      • Is lost galaxy the one where they had like, 6 zords at the end, fighting one final boss, and they still got the crap kicked out of them?

  • any one else erked that they used a Super Sentai gif and not something that was ever aired as MMPR? No? just me? …okay 🙁

  • Fuck No x 7. Despite a 35 year long love of kaiju movies (thanx Grandpa! Letting me watch Gamera at four years old has left an indelible mark on my tastes n interests, even if mum did go apeshit at you). But power rangers always felt like C-grade hacks compared to the power n majesty of godzilla or ultraman. And the oldet i got the less i could find in it to enjoy, limited as it already was in my mind. Mates loved it, i tried to and if y’all do, im not gonna knock you for it. Im simply trying to understand the appeal. Weaksauce bots n monsters, shit costumes n worse acting- fuck me it makes home n away seem deep! Is it the kitch? It cant be the story, it never ever changed. Sorry guys but please. Why? And if i ever meet that fat fucker n his scrawny sidekick comedy *hah* relief duo id goddamn Joseph Fritzl their asses to protect future generations. Sorry, rant done. Honestly? What makes em lovable?

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