Oh, Legend Of Zelda Chess Set, Why Can't I Buy You?

Novelty chess sets are everywhere and while nothing can beat Star Trek's 3D version, challengers are always welcome. Fronting up today is this Legend of Zelda offering from Entertainment Earth.

Sure, it's not custom made, but it still looks rather nice. According to the product description, the pieces are made from sculpted vinyl and have a "metallic" finish.

As for which characters fulfil which roles:

On the heroes side, you'll get Link as King, Zelda as Queen, Impa as the Bishops, Epona as the Knights, Darunia as the Rooks, and Navi as the Pawns! Villains include Ganon as King, Twinrova as Queen, Iron Knuckle as Bishops, Phantom as Knights, Armos as Rooks, and Dekunuts as Pawns!

The product page also mentions it's for "2 or more players", which I guess is possible if you're in teams or just want to randomly assign players every turn.

Now for the bad news. The outlet refuses to ship to Australia. That's not so bad, as you can order the set using a US postage proxy. But you'll have to wait until November to receive it, as Entertainment Earth are only taking pre-orders.

The Legend of Zelda Chess Collector's Set [Entertainment Earth, via Nerd Approved]


    Yay, global economy, except in Australia, where we get shafted with everything.

    Sounds pretty cool, but I would play it as Link as "queen" and Zelda as "king".
    I mean who better to checkmate Ganon with than Link?

    That just makes sense to me.

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