Overwatch Player Makes A Terrible Mistake

Overwatch Player Makes A Terrible Mistake

Today on Highlight Reel we have Overwatch highlights, easy Dark Souls invasions, Boneitis and sad rebels!

Watch the video above, then talk about your favourite highlight in the comments below. Be sure to check out, like and share the original videos via the links below.

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    I should submit some of my Overwatch videos. Including one where after I killed several people in a zone I start using an emote, only for a grenade to go off and launch me into a well. Except my emote animation is still playing while I'm falling through the air.

      Got killed, don't care. =P

    Yeah im kinda sick off the overwatch hype already. If others are loving it, kudos to them. I played the beta, it was okay i guess but nothing spectacular. I think im just sick of hype in general. Like if you hear a song in an ad. Even if you did like it once, you wont after 3 weeks of it being spammed. Im actually repelled by advertising and trailers these days because even if its a game, series or movie im keen on im still sick of it before it releases. Maybe im just getting old. My Dad once said hype is just happy, airheaded bullshit. I can see his point.

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