Rooster Teeth Launches Card Game Kickstarter, Hits Goal In Two Minutes

Rooster Teeth Launches Card Game Kickstarter, Hits Goal In Two Minutes

The comedy team at Rooster Teeth have decided to make a card game based on their Million Dollars, But... series of web videos. It's current Kickstarter suggests it's going to make a lot more than that.

Million Dollars, But... was looking for $US10,000 ($13,545) in funding. It hit that in just two minutes, and only a few hours later (at time of posting) stands at $US480,000 ($650,145).

The ad's a bit...much, but the Kickstarter page has more info on the actual game, which basically presents you with a range of wrong shit, and asks whether you'd do it for a million bucks or not.

It's a lot like Cards Against Humanity, then, and as a game it seems just as prone to people to just lying and drinking their way to victory, point/rules of the game be damned (is anyone really going to test you on that top one by sticking their finger up your arse?. But nobody seems to really mind that when the drinks are flowing and CaH comes out, so they probably won't for this, either.


    Looking at the cards, it's almost like the Corrupt Genie forum game.

    Seems exactly like 'billionaire banshee' but instead of would you date X person with this good trait and bad trait, it's would you do it for a million dollars. I'll still check it out, but will likely stick with banshee

      It also reminds me of Superfight as unlike the video shorts the pitch video suggests that the object of the game is to debate which is the preferred scenario rather than discussing whether you would accept or reject the given scenario. Which I guess makes sense, really.

    I'm often hot or cold on Rooster Teeth's brand of humour but my partner and I quite enjoyed their Million Dollars But videos so I'll definitely be getting this.

    Youch!!! That example at the top gave me the shivers. My job title is Telephony Operations Manager for a massive call centre. Not cool Kotaku, not cool.

      I have just come out of the hospital which had a procedure that required 3 doctors to perform one of those exams, and my GP had performed one the day before...

      If i could clench comfortably, I would.

        Clenching... You don't know what you've got until it's gone

    "The ad’s a bit…much"

    I don't mean to be disrespectful but you understand that it was mocking Apple's product videos, right? I mean, normally I would assume "well duh, of course he understands that, he works for a tech-y blog", but your quote there was... odd.

    It was a freaking perfect jab at how pretentious Apple's videos are and they nailed the way they speak when they pitch their products. I thought it was a brilliant combination of hilarious sketch and genuinely informative Kickstarter video.

    What was "a bit much" about it? You mean... they put too much effort into it? It was too long?

      I used to be an Apple support call centre advisor.

      For the vast majority of calls(I would say at least 80%) the Apple documentation and scripts worked. It was only a few things such as battery life that were my bug bears because there is no 100% accurate way to use less battery than turn mobile data off, brightness down and use the phone less

      This was precisely my reaction as well. It's almost as if the author wasn't aware what was going on, because if anything the only aspect that could be "too much" was if you believed they were actually being serious.

      But it's so obviously a spoof, that as you said, perfectly satirizes Apple while informing me about the product.

    OK, so just watched about 8 episodes. was thoroughly amusing. might have to purchase this game.

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