Surprise Surprise, The Overwatch Beta Has Been Extended

You won't believe this, I know it's insane!

This never happens.

Betas never get extended!

I'm joking of course — betas almost always get extended — but it's still good news regardless. If you've been playing the Overwatch Beta and you were hoping for an extra day, you just got one.

The Overwatch Beta now ends May 10 at 10am Pacific time. For Australians that means 3am on Wednesday May 11.


    It'd be excited but once I learned that all stats will be reset I'm kinda not feeling the urge to play anymore.

      That shouldnt be a surprise, that's how betas usually are.

        Not all the time. I played the Smite beta on PS4 and my stats still transferred over.

          Do the stats really matter? The only things we'll really lose are the costumes.

            Smite is a free to play model. You buy additional characters with in-game currency, or currency you buy with real money. On top of that, you can't qualify for competitions without a minimum of 18 Gods mastered at level 1 (and you can only play with mastered Gods) and being at level 30.

            So yeah, if my stats in Smite were reset I'd be fucking pissed.

              I was talking about Overwatch actually.

          Hence the 'usually' as I knew there would be a few examples out there that I didnt know of :P Still shouldnt come as a surprise though, unless Smite was the only beta you've participated in.

      lord forbid you should play for fun.

        Especially considering all unlocks are cosmetic. We've been corrupted by progression systems and loot tables equating to fun.

    It just occurred to me that Overwatch and Battleborn are different things.
    I’ve been seeing articles about the beta the last few days and thinking “Why is the beta still going? Didn’t the game just come out? Maybe the game has a delayed launch on PC.”

    Turns out they’re completely different products.

    That cover picture. Makes me think of a baby Link every time I see it.

    I've played Overwatch, Battleborn, Paragorn.. paladins etc etc
    Whilst Overwatch is by far the better game (the other games won't make it past month 3), I do feel that simply playing the beta for a few days has rendered the content stale. After you've used all the heroes, youll only ever pick up to maybe 5. The payload/ capture points are incredibly repetitive.
    It's a great game, fantastically made, perfectly coded etc, but it's just got no sense of 'this is why I am playing.' There's no progression beyond dreadful 'skins and voices' (it's designed so youll almost never get a skin) and after 3 games you sort of feel 'done.'
    This is coming from someone who has beta tested several RPGs, FPS's, mobas and mmorpgs. I'm not saying Overwatch is trash, it's a fantastically executed game, however just lacks meaning, originality etc.
    Think of it as Tf2- the remake, but without steams drops/cards/market and less customization (can't change skills or weapons.)

      "Tf2... without steams drops/cards/market and less customization"

      Well, I'm in.

      Last edited 09/05/16 9:03 pm

    This game kicks all the asses...but yeah I get the sentiment about the beta making things a little stale and ruining the surprise.

    I'm kind of confused... why does the article refer to the Overwatch demo as a beta?

    Admittedly I don't play these games but I keep getting over watch and battle born confused with each other. From my rudimentary exposure to the hype for both of these games they seem similar.

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